The Hellsing TV Series


Paul Wilson Haunts Seras

Seras has a nightmare induced by the freak-chipped SAS agent, seeing him tempt her with the prospect of becoming stronger with him by drinking blood. Waking up, she attempts to see if she can find Alucard, and when she does, she finds him in an usual place. Standing next to his Master in complete silence, the two sharing a moment of peace and sincerity together. Seras is in shock, but understands an important thing...Alucard must respect and admire his own Master as much as she does him.

Alucard Tempts Integra with his Blood

Reports come in that a girl's dormitory and a monument have been attacked, the weapons matching SAS equipment. Seras sees the SAS freak again when she's outside, and is growing more annoyed by temptation with every sighting. And beneath the Hellsing manor, Integra proceeds to speak with Alucard about an upcoming ceremony scheduled with the Queen. Alucard acknowleges Integra is weak and asks her if she wants to share his blood and become stronger. She pauses, but then continues as if he never offered, which seems to really amuse him, and so re-presents his offer a second time by way of parting.

Seras Witnesses Helena's Demise

As Integra beings to prepare for the ceremony, Seras returns to talk to Helena. Seeing as she can't talk to Alucard, she thinks the younger vampiress might be able to help. Upon arrival though, she finds Helena has been devoured by Incognito, and struggles to keep her cool as the child tries emerging from within him. Incognito severs the protruding head and takes his leave. Seras tries to help Helena, but she wishes only to be left in peace, and Seras can do nothing but leave the building to erupt into roaring flames.

Commander Fargason at the Scene of the Attack

The decoy location of the ceremony is suddenly attacked by unknown assailants. Hellsing deploys to quell the surge, but only ends up being the bearers of the blame. Seras rushes to tell her teams that it's a trap, finally understanding what was going on and why things were happening like they were. As Integra prays in Hellsing's chapel, the real ceremony's location, Alucard tells her suddenly that what she waits for won't come, and that he intents to leave for battle.

Integra's Ritual is interrupted by her Servant

Integra is left to fend for herself, charging out of the chapel proper to find out what’s going on for herself. Currently unaware that the ceremony's been entirely compromised and that Hellsing is about to be branded as national traitors and terrorists, she rushes up to her office in an attempt to contact the Queen or her envoys.

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