The Hellsing TV Series



Integra at her Soldier's Funeral

The aftermath of the attack resulted in the entire Hellsing staff's death...all save Integra, Walter, Seras, Alucard and a few absent forces who survived. The funeral was hard on Integra, as she believes their deaths to be her fault. It isn't long before her grief is compounded with fury when Iscariot leader Enrico Maxwell sends her a letter to request a meeting. Seras, in the mean time, is busying herself with tracking down another freak vampire on the loose.

Seras on the Scene

Integra reluctantly agrees to the meeting, and the two agency heads meet at the War Museum. Unbeknownst to Integra, while the meeting takes place, Anderson has snuck back into London and is about to make himself quite well known to the traumatized Seras Victoria. When Enrico calls Integra a Protestant sow, Alucard appears to defend her...and it's then that Enrico reveals that it won't be long before all of Hellsing is erased, starting with Seras.

Anderson's Bayonet

Integra stalks madly out of the meeting to head back to base, leaving Alucard to do whatever he wishes. He decides it's high time to test his new toy against the Paladin and quickly goes to hunt him down. Only at the last second does he arrive to save Seras a painful skewering from another bayonet, and so the two titans go at it once again. Seras watches the fight, and it's only when Alucard manages to get his head cut off and thrown at her, does she try escaping.

Seras in Horror at seeing Alucard's Severed Head

Seras thusly runs off with Alucard's head, trying desperately to escape the Paladin that's stalking from behind. She eventually tries hiding, but she gives herself away when she looks down, sees Alucard's head dissolve into a blob of red goo, eyes and centipedes, and screams. Before Anderson can approach farther, Alucard's body disintegrates much the same way and transforms into a swarm of bats, flying to return to his head and reform into the No Life King we all know and love. Thus begins round three.

Anderson, Sans his arms, racing to Alucard

Alucard once again defeats Anderson, blowing off both of his arms with the Jackal, and rendering him completely incapable of fighting, let alone defending himself. Anderson retreats in a torrent of bible-pages, leaving Alucard to amuse himself with the truth that no dog, or monster can defeat him...only a human can do that. Integra meets once again with Enrico, and leaves him with the parting statement that he's a Catholic pig. It doesn't sit well with the man; now that he also knows Anderson was beaten.

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