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The Hellsing OVA Series



Any TV show could easily fall apart without a solid score. Hellsing is a prime example of a rather marvelous score being produced that perfectly reflects the mood and feel of the story, so much so that it is often cited by fans as being one of the TV series' best features. The series was scored by Yasushi Ishii for it's initial broadcast and it also included a rarity for Anime, the ending theme "Shine" was performed entirely in English by an American band named "Mr. Big".

The series' score was later released on a two-volume soundtrack that encompased most of the musical portions were used in the television series. The first volume of the soundtrack release, titled 'Raid' was released in November 2001 by Geneon Entertainment (still "Pioneer Animation" at the time) and featured the opening theme, closing theme, and eighteen background music tracks, rounding the disc out to a solid twenty tracks. The second volume soundtrack 'Ruins' was released in February 2002 again by Geneon and once again featured 20 tracks of background music, however this time the disc included two hidden tracks that played after the final track.

Raid then saw a release in the US, again by Geneon Entertainment. The US releases are almost exactly like their Japanese counterparts including cover art and track listing with only one notable exception on each. For Raid, most likely due to legal issues with the band Mr. Big, the closing theme could not be included on the release. For Ruins, they modified the way the hidden tracks were presented on the disc so they now appear as their own stand alone tracks, bumping the US track listing up to 22. Due to the Geneon rights issue, the US editions of the CDs are currently out of print.

Yasushii Ishii, composer of the series currently posts MP3s of some of his works on his own website. So far, four Hellsing Tracks not featured on either of the Soundtrack releases have been posted by him. They are also featured below.

Since the soundtrack's release, several bootlegs have also made it onto the market as well, however they're extremely easy to spot, simply look for the record label on the CD case, if it is by anyone but "Geneon" (Or "Pioneer" for earlier editions) then it's most likely a bootleg.

Hellsing TV Series OST RAID

Soundtrack Volume 1: RAID

English Tracklisting

01. The World Without Logos [4:07]
02. Fool Cross Over Nirvana ~Grudge Prohibited~ [3:40]
03. Musical Play Smiling Rebellious Flower [3:56]
04. Certain Victory Lotus Sutra Tune [4:59]
05. Services to Gods ~Do on Our Own Accord~ [2:15]
06. Left Foot Trapped in a Sensual Seduction [2:48]
07. Dracula's Holy Pupil and R & R [3:35]
08. P.S. Lord Amitabha Have Mercy on Me [2:43]
09. Sea of Chaos ~Creator's Ulterior Motive~ [3:34]
10. Original Sin ~For Not Keeping Virginity~ [3:21]
11. Bodhisattva of Cathedral [4:51]
12. Mask of the Priest and the Bell of the Chapel [2:06]
13. Act of Demon or the Work of God [1:35]
14. Pure Death [3:00]
15. Survival on the Street of Insincerity [3:03]
16. Ambiguous Drum's Grief [2:53]
17. Requiem for the Living [3:34]
18. Non-Neurosis Tunes ~Who the Hell Are You?~ [2:30]
19. When You Start the War, Fight With Arrows, Spears and Swords! [3:37]
20. Mr.Big - Shine [Full Edit 3:43] [Ending Edit 1:21]*

*Shine only appeared on the Japanese release, and in it's short "Ending Edit" form. Included here is the full version of the song.

Click here to see Romaji Track Listing

Hellsing TV Series OST RUINS

Soundtrack Volume 2: RUINS

English Tracklisting

01. The World's Last Sagacious Period [3:47]
02. Hidden Leaves Harmony [2:23]
03. Sky of God Master [3:59]
04. Hatred Guy of Sinfulness [3:51]
05. Soul Rescuer [3:58]
06. I.B.C.J. Siege Rope [3:30]
07. Sever Gun Fight at the Hill of Casualities [2:26]
08. Soul Police Chapter's Reverse side Circumstance [5:14]
09. Primary Colored Suicide Bombing Love Song [2:45]
10. Secret Karma Serenade [3:01]
11. The Japanese Alphabet Road with Chinese Bellflower's Sweet Smell [3:30]
12. Echoing Truth [4:44]
13. Fabricated Background [2:30]
14. Origin Reflection RHYTHM NATION [3:40]
15. Midnight Assassin [4:16]
16. The World without Logos "Dedicated to Malcom X [3:45]
17. Gypsy of Atonement [2:27]
18. GoodBye Used World [0:26]
19. From 666 to 777 [2:48]
20. Hemp Smoke Stings the Eyes [2:26]
21. Aha, Springtime of Life's Erotic Hell [2:12]
22. Unexpected Incident [1:00]

Click here to see Romaji Track Listing

Hellsing TV Series - Unreleased Tracks

Yasushii Ishii's Work

English Tracklisting

01. Heaven's Golden Ball of Fire [3:30] - (Fet. In Order 10)
02. Shambala is so far away... [3:46] - (Fet. In the Series. Small Sample of this Appeared in RUINS Track 08)
03. When You Start the War, Fight with Arrows, Spears & Swords! [2:48] - (RAID Track 19 with a New Arrangement)
04. True Cosmic Vibration [3:46] - ("The World Without Logos" ~ Alternate Arrangement with New Lyrics)