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The Hellsing OVA Series



When The Hellsing OVA series was announced, among the first questions was whether or not Yasushii Ishii would be returning, as the TV series OST was one of the best aspects of the show. Fans were told no however, that the new OVA series would be scored with an epic, fully orchestral score and only occasional synthesizer work, rather than soley synthesizer work as the TV series had been. It is now known that the OVA Series is scored by Hayao Matsuo and the music is performed by the Warsaw Philhimonic Orchestra, a rather fitting orchestra to perform the score seeing as Hellsing's Battle with Millennium Started in Warsaw.

Another question of course, was the Opening theme. When the first cut trailer was shown at Anime Expo 05, it included the Song "Broken English" by Schaft, a song referenced in the Manga, leading fans to believe the song would be the new opening theme song. In fact, it's still listed on some sites as such on some websites. However, unlike the TV series before it, the OVA staff has decided to go entirely without an opening theme song, and uses orchestral and choir songs mostly for the closing themes from OVA I throguh to V with the Exception of OVA IV, which uses " Das Engelandlied", a Nazi propaganda Song sung by Rip in the episode itself. Starting with OVA VI, the series has it's own proper vocal closing theme called "Magnolia" by the group "Suilen", who features the same lead singer as the original trailer Song "Broken English". The group also performed a song called "Shinto-shite", which appeared in an OVA VI trailer and then as the OVA VII Ending Theme.

The Series also features three insert songs, "Broken English" was eventually used in the OVA series at the point in which it was originally referenced in the Manga, as was "Akuma Stocking", another song referenced in the openeing pages of Volume 6 of the Manga. The third insert song was "Zakuro" by Suilen, the group who performed the OVA VI and VII Ending Themes. Also referenced in the OVA series is the song "Tough Boy" by a group caleld "Tomcats". The song was originally the second opening theme song to the anime series "Hokuto no Ken" or "Fist of the North Star", and while it does not appear in Hellsing in it's original version, the Major can be heard singing it at the end of OVA III.

The OVA series is ongoing, so the whole score has not yet been revealed or released commerically, however there have been two soundtracks released so far. One, titled "Black Dog" is a full 17-track sountrack release featuring numerous tracks from the OVA Series. The other is a DVD-Audio release done in full 5.1 surround sound that features 9 special tracks (Three of which are also on Black Dog) called the "Premium Disk". This release, however was not made seperately and was only avaiable as an extra with the Limited Edition DVD release of OVA IV. Also released December 2009 was a new album by Suilen, titled "THE DAWN", which includes the full versions of Magnolia, Shinto-shite, and Zakuro.

Hellsing OVA Series Original Soundtrack - BLACK DOG


English Tracklisting

01. Song of Demeter [2:05]
02. Target Insight [3:47]
03. Rise Count! [2:22]
04. March of The Black Dog and Centepedes [3:40]
05. A Thousand Fangs and Ten Thousand Eyes [3:11]
06. E.M.I.A. [2:58]
07. The Hour of the Dog [2:59]
08. The Vile Stench of Death and the Splattering of Blood [2:27]
09. Badrick [2:12]
10. Dog Shit [2:08]
11. Shotgun Circus [2:18]
12. Hell's Threshold [1:51]
13. One Million Bullets[2:12]
14. Cromwell [3:58]
15. Die Fledermaus [4:10]
16. Stealthfully Tread and Hard-Kicked [2:46]
17. Gradus Vita [4:08]

Click here to see Romaji Track Listing

Hellsing OVA OST Premium Disk - Warsaw Recording Selection

Released as an extra 5.1 Surround Sound DVD-Audio Disc with the Japanese OVA IV Limited Edition.


English Tracklisting

01. Gradus Vita [4:05]
02. March of The Black Dog and Centepedes [3:37]
03. Letzte Bataillon [3:27]
04. Stolzer Aristokrat [3:08]
05. Feuerkreuz [3:30]
06. E.M.I.A. [2:58]
07. Gentlemen, Soldiers of the Batallion [2:55]
08. Apocalypse Now! [2:37]
09. Der Freischütz Nr. 9 Terzett [6:53]

Click here to see Romaji Track Listing

Suilen - THE DAWN

Includes Hellsing OVA Vocal songs by Suilen.

Available in both Limited and Standard editions. Limited includes Hellsing-Themed cover art featuring Alucard, Standard includes Original Suilen-style album art.
Limited Edition is only available with the Suilen "flow in her veins 2.5D" live DVD.

Suilen - "THE DAWN" Limited Edition CoverSuilen - "THE DAWN" Cover featuring Alucard!
Front ------------------------ Back
Click Here to see the Standard Edition cover art

Shinto-Shite (OVA VI Trailer Song) [4:35]

01. Zakuro [OVA VII Insert Song] [6:12]
02. Hakruo [Not Featured in Hellsing]
03. Magnolia [Full Version] (OVA VI Ending Theme) [3:54]
04. Sore wa Mohaya Chimoku to Shite [Not Featured In Hellsing]
05. Shinto-Shite 2.0 [Album Ver.] (OVA VII Ending Theme) [4:10]

Hellsing OVA Special Extra Songs

Songs not included on an official Hellsing CD release.

Schaft - SwitchbladeHokuto No Ken [Fist of the North Star] - Original Songs

Extra Songs Featured in the OVA Series

Hayato Matsuo - Gradus Vita [Instrumental Trailer Version] [1:04]*
Hayato Matsuo - Dead Zone/Elevator Action [1:57]**
Hayato Matsuo - Merche Funebre (OVA II Ending Song) [2:59]
Hermann Löns - Das Engelandlied (OVA IV Ending Song) [2:24]
Schaft - Broken English (Original Trailer Song & OVA V insert Song) [6:34]
Kenji Ohtsuki - Akuma Stocking (OVA V Insert Song) [3:47]
Hayato Matsuo - A Patriot With No Name (OVA V Ending Song) [2:22]

Extra Songs Relevant to Hellsing, but not featured in the Series

TOMCATS - Tough Boy (Hokuto No Ken Opening 2: The Song the Major Sings at the end of OVA III) [3:49]
Animetal - Tough Boy [TV-Size] (Modern-Style Cover of Tough Boy by Animetal) [1:42]
Goosebumps - Akuma Stocking (Original 80s Version) [2:18]

* The Instrumental Vesion of Gradus Vita was in the Original OVA Trailer
** This song is a track not collected on any official OST, it was played in the episode when the Valentines Raided Hellsing House and when Alucard slaughtered his way out of the Rio Hotel. It was ripped from the 5.1 surround sound track and is named after those chapters of the Manga here, but will most likely get a new name when/if it gets an official OST release.