The Hellsing OVA Series


The ninth, and penultimate volume of the spectacular Hellsing OVA Series! With the dawn fast approaching and the war escalating ever more, the Royal Order of Protestant Knights are quickly running out of time, tensions are building and Integra may finally have to get her own hands dirty in order to finish this once and for all.

Japanese OVA Volume 9: Standard  Edition


Manga Chapters Adapted: 11
Chapters Contained: 70 - 80
Japanese Release Date: February 15th 2012
Runtime: 45 Minutes (Subject to change)
Ending Theme: SCARS by Kurosaki Maon
Animation Production:Studio Graphinica w/ Production assistance by Kelmadick.
Director: Unknown



Expected to contain a Digi-pak DVD/BD Cover design with original cover art By Kouta Hirano. Also expected to include an Audio Commentary with Japanese Staff and a 12-page set of liner notes as well as other, presently unknown extras.

Japanese OVA Volume 9: Limited Edition Cover


License Announced by FUNimation at Anime Expo 2010. No further information available.
No word on any releases outside the US.

US Publisher: FUNimation Ent.
US Release Date: N/A

Australian Publisher: N/A
Australian Release Date: N/A

UK Publisher: N/A
UK Release Date: N/A



The OVA Official Site
A Portion of the Official Site.

First mention of Hellsing IX was made on the Hellsing OVA series Official Website. Upon release of the OVA I-V Blu-ray boxed set, the site was completely revamped with a whole new layout. The layout featured a message in the top corner announcing the "Final Season" of Hellsing would consist of OVAs VIII, IX, and would close the series on OVA X.

The announcement also included the information that the animation studios Graphinica and Kelmadick would be involved in production, however gave no concrete information as to their role in production. Besides the term "Hellsing Studio - Graphinica x Kelmadick", no other information was given. However, upon release of OVA VIII, it has become clear that Studio Graphinica is now the main animation studio, with studio Kelmadick providing animation assistance.

On June 8th 2011, Japanese singer Kurosaki Maon revealed on her official Twitter page, that she would be providing the ending theme song for Hellsing IX. Ms. Kurosaki may be most well known for her performances of the ending theme songs from the High School of the Dead Anime Series. Later, at Anime Expo 2011, the singer surprised audiences at her at-con concert with a live performance of the new ending theme titled "SCARS".

In late 2011 it was announced that Kurosaki Maon's next album "Butterfly Effect" will be released November 30th 2011. Not only will it include Scars, the ending theme of the upcoming Hellsing IX, but the limited edition version will come with a DVD featuring music videos and an exclusive sneak peak at Hellsing IX.

On Halloween 2011, the Ninth OVA volume has finally been given a release date. New solicitations for all four versions of the episode (Standard and Limited editions, on DVD and Blu-ray) were posted featuring a release date of February 15th 2012. The product listing is very scarce on details such as features, however it does reveal a run time of 45 minutes. This information is all subject to change as the release date nears.

Check back more for more information on the production of this episode as it develops.