The Hellsing OVA Series



The Bird of Hermes in my name, eating my wings to make me tame.

For over a century, the Hellsing Organization has been secretly protecting the British Empire from the undead "freaks". When Sir Integra Hellsing succeeded as the head of the organization, she also inherited the ultimate weapon against these undead enemies, a rouge vampire named Alucard. Armed with an enormous "anti-freak" gun and possessing mysterious and frightening powers, Alucard is forced to shoot Seras Victoria, a policewoman held hostage by a vampire. "Do you want to live?" he asks Seras, whose very answer changes the course of her existence. Now reborn as Alucard's servant, Seras is torn between her conflicting humanity and her vampiric urges....

Hellsing the OVA, unlike it's TV Series counter-part arrives to it's audience as a completely re-imagined and canonically accurate adaptation of the original Hellsing manga. Capturing the very essence of the manga, almost panel for panel, the OVA is a brilliant production featuring state of the art CG animation and the return of the outstanding English and Japanese vocal casts.

Shortly before it's official DVD release, Hellsing OVA I was first aired, in edited form on a Japanese cable network as a preview for the up-coming series and was presented as 'Hellsing: Digest For Freaks'. (Misspelled as 'Fleaks' by the Japanese)

Hellsing OVA I was first released on DVD on the 10th February 2006 in Japan. To date, seven Hellsing OVA DVDs have been released in Japan with an eighth due out sometime late 2010-2011. English audiences have had to wait their turn. Only four English dubbed OVA DVDs have been released to date. OVA IV hit the shelves in the US on 23rd of September 2008. The following 3 volumes were announced to have a North American English release by FUNimation Entertainment in 2011.

The Hellsing OVA Series, known outside of Japan as "Hellsing Ultimate", was proudly presented in North America by Geneon Entertainment (USA) up through the release of volume 4, their release licensing has now passed onto FUNimation Entertainment.

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