Vlad III Dracula



Having attained the historic title of Vlad The Impaler (known in Romanian as Vlad Ţepeş) or the more shorted form, simply Dracula. Three times was he known as the Prince of Wallachia, his first reign in 1448 to his last in 1476, the same year in which he died. During his sporadic reigns, he was best acknowledged for his independent policy toward the Ottoman Empire whose forceful expansion he resisted and likewise, for the cruel punishments he imparted upon those whom would not adhere to his methods.

In the English-speaking world,Vlad III Dracula is best known for having inspired author, Bram Stoker to have written the novel ‘Dracula’ in 1897.

However, we here at Call To Arms wish to pay homage to the man whose life and times have become a landmark of the world’s modern history. We have worked together with a young, avid Vlad historian whose extensive research and near life-long adoration of the man himself has yielded a wealth of knowledge comprised from the history books.

We delight in presenting the Hellsing community a fount of information never before considered in any other fan site, thus paying homage to the man whose life and death have forevermore inspired authors, playwrights and artists from across the globe.
Thus, the information presented herein is derived from secondary sources lovingly gathered from what we understand are a selection of reputable books. We encourage our readers to take their time and enjoy the information presented herein. Likewise, if you believe that portions of the information presented are incorrect and/or inaccurate, we would like to invite you to Write Us with your corrected information and a list of sources so as we may add them to our bibliography and provide an even more accurate portrait of the great Vlad III Dracula.

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