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Before Hellsing, Hirano drew quite a few earlier works, both fan work of existing characters, and his own original stories... most of which was hentai! (Hentai, for anyone not in the know, is Pornographic Manga)
When Hellsing was serialized, Hirano carried most of the characters from his original stories over into his new series! Because of this, these stories have come to be known as Hirano's "Prototype" works, because they essentially serve as the testing grounds for most of the characters that would become Hellsing's main cast! Here you will find a list and description of all of the prototype works we have been able to find information on. If the section is missing any that you may know about, please contact us, we would love to know more about Hirano's early works!

Integra as a Nazi?! Oh My!

One-Shot Manga

This story features Prototypes of both Integra and Yumiko "Yumie" Takagi, interestingly, both as Nazis. Integra appears physically very much like her Hellsing Volume 1 appearence, only with short hair. This manga was printed in Young King OURs, where Hellsing would eventually be printed.
Unlike the rest, this proto-manga was NOT Hentai.

Hellsing Characters In This Story:
[Integra Hellsing]
[Yumiko Takagi]

Anderson as a Drug Dealer?! Oh MY!!

Angel Dust
3-Chapter Hentai Manga

Anderson's prototype story. In it, he is not a Priest, but a mafia hitman with a lot of stolen drugs! (which would explain the title) He meets a nun in the course of the story, which might explain why Hirano made him a Priest later. The name "Angel Dust" is carried over as one of Anderson's alias' in Hellsing.
Hirano once said he included Anderson in Hellsing because he was told earlier that the character was too weak for serialization.

Hellsing Characters In This Story:
[Alexander Anderson]

The Captain Speaks?!  OH MY!

Desert Guardian
One-Shot Hentai Manga

This is a story about a Nazi SS Captain stranded out in the desert who helps a young boy rescue his sister. The Captain is shown in this as being vastly different than he appears in Hellsing, as he actually displays a personality, rather than his stoic, silent demeanor in the Manga proper.

Hellsing Characters In This Story:

Schrodinger as a Woman?!  OH MY!!

Doc's Story
One-Shot Hentai Manga

This story... is a Hentai... where Proto-Doc works for Hitler... and he makes Hitler a... well, he makes Hitler a catgirl... and der Fhurer... has his way with her...
Doc is clearly himself, but the Catigirl, being a Catperson created by Doc can be seen as the prototype for Schro, since the parallel is rather uncanny.

Hellsing Characters In This Story:

Pip is a Womanizer!  Oh M- Wait, that's not shocking...

One Volume (10 Chapter) Hentai Manga

Hirano's longest prototype Manga by far, Coyote spanned 10 full chapters, getting it's own volume release! Coyote follows the exploits of our favorite merc Pip in a Hentai-full adventure to beat the badguys and get the girl! The Major also appers in this (albeit much slimmer) with the name "Montana Max". It should be noted that although that's his name here, it's not confirmed to carry over to Hellsing.

Hellsing Characters In This Story:
[Pip Bernadotte]
[The Major]

Seras As Rape Bait?!  Oh... Well, Par for the course...

HELLSING: Legends of a Vampire Hunter
One-Shot Hentai Manga

Legends of a Vampire Hunter is Hirano's final "Prototype" work, and actually his most interesting, as it essentailly serves as a pilot to Hellsing chapter 1. Because of this fact, Legends has a much greater wealth of things to talk about than the others, to see the full write-up on it, check below.

Hellsing Characters In This Story:
[Seras Victoria]
[Jan & Luke Valentine]


Hirano's prototypes mostly feature characters that would later appear in Hellsing, however they generally don't depict things the way they would later appear in Hellsing proper. While some came close, like Pip and the Major, others appeared radically different, like Nazi Integra and Chatty Captain, but aside from a few character traits, none of the proto-works really resembles Hellsing in either tone or story; Except for Legends of a Vampire Hunter.
'Legends' is actually exactly the same in the overall story as the first chapter of Hellsing proper! Both chapters follow the same basic story with the following common elements between them:

  • Girl is sent in to quell the situation.
  • Girl is captured by a group of the Undead who wish to rape and drain her.
  • Alucard is dispatched to rescue her
  • In the ensuing struggle, the girl is turned into a vampire and must now work for Hellsing as one

While the overall stories are the same, where they differ are in the several minor details, which are:
  • In Hellsing, Seras starts out as a member of the London Police Force D11, in Legends her prototype Yuri Kate, starts out as a lower-level Hellsing grunt.
  • In Hellsing, Seras' attackers are the Priest of Cheddar Villiage and his squad of ghouls, in Legends they are Jan and Luke's prototypes, "Hellman" (Jan) and his unnamed brother. (Luke)
  • In Hellsing, the vampire does not succeed in his plan to rape and drain Seras before Alucard shows up, Legends, being a hentai features Hellman raping Yuri entirely before she's saved.
  • In Hellsing, because she is still a virgin, Seras is Vampirized by Alucard to save her life after being shot, In Legends, Yuri is vampirized by Hellman after the rape scene, as the "virgin" requirement for vampirization doesn't seem to apply here.
  • In Hellsing, Integra and other police officers are shown discussing the situation, in Legends nobody is present who fills this role.

The characterization also appears incredibly similar to what would be seen later in Hellsing. Alucard is in personality, exactly as he would appear later. His physical appearence is not far off either, having roughly the same outfit he would wear in early Hellsing as well. The only major differences are that: His hair is tied back behind his head, he's wielding a much different gun, and he has a strange tattoo on his face. Also of note, in Hellsing his name is written in Japanese as "アーカード" (Aakaado), however here in Legends, it's written "アルカード”. (Arucaado)

Seras' prototype, Yuri Kate physically looks nothing like Seras. She has long black hair and a different body type. The similarites are very apparent in her personality and role in the story, which matches Seras perfectly. She is the timid girl captured by a Vampire who is forced to become one and fight with Hellsing.

Jan and Luke's prototypes are a mixed bag. While Jan's prototype Hellman looks and acts incredibly like Jan, his nameless brother doesn't look or act like Luke at all. The only parallel between he and Luke is their role in the story: Both are the brother and parter in crime to Jan/Hellman.

The Similarities between Hellsing chapter 1 and Legends are so numerous that legends can pretty much be seen as the "Pilot" chapter to Hellsing. This is even more apparent when you realize that the first chapter of Hellsing is titled "Vampire Hunter". One thing is for sure, it's a very interesting chapter in Hirano's Manga development.