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Call To Arms - News & Updates

29th January 2013 // Hellsing OVA X - The Call To Arms Fansub RELEASED!

We at Call To Arms sincerely apologize for the delay in this release, as circumstances beyond our control conspired against us to render us quite busy during the beginning of this new year, however we are pleased to present a spectacular announcement!

The Call To Arms Hellsing OVA X Fansub has been Released!

Click the banner above to get your copy now!

We are also working hard now on The Dawn episodes 2 and 3, and promise a release of them shortly as well now that we're back on track! For now however, Hellsing fans, pop up some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the finale to the Hellsing Original Video Animation Series!

Demon Rin & UV

22nd November 2012 // US OVA 1-4 Blu-ray/DVD Box Review!

It has taken longer than expected, however here it is! The Call To Arms review of FUNimation's very first Hellsing release!

Click Here To Read It!

Want to find out what we thought of this re-release before you buy? Just want to know our opinion? Well, it's all here! And no sooner have we finished that, are we already tirelessly working on the reviews for the next two Hellsing releases by FUNimation! Hellsing OVA V-VIII Boxed Set as well as the Hellsing TV series re-issue! So look forward to that soon!

Diligently yours,
Demon Rin & UV

13th November 2012 // US OVA 5-8 Box & TV Series Boxes Released!

It is that time folks! For the first time in years, a new Hellsing release is here!

For the first time in the US, Hellsing OVAs V-VIII are finally seeing release! As fans may know, Geneon Entertainment ceased business operations and liquidated their company, the assets were bought out by Universal Studios Japan, and now exist as Geneon-Universal, as evidenced by the new logo on the cover of every new Japanese Hellsing release. Unfortunately for fans of the series across the pond, this meant a legal quagmire prevented release of the English version, but not anymore! The Hellsing OVA Finally sees release by FUNimation Entertainment!

But that's not all Hellsing fans, for the disolution of Geneon also resulted in the original Hellsing TV series going out of print. Today also marks the re-release of that series in its entirety, also by FUNimation entertainment as part of their "Anime Classics" line of releases.

We here at Call To Arms now have our copies of both of these releases including OVA 1-4! Look forward to a full review of all three products soon!

So busy watching this set, we can't think of a good sign off,
Demon Rin & UV

NOTE: A problem with the upload caused this update to not appear when it was written, it has been corrected and posted but the original date it was written has been left.

10th October 2012 // US OVA 1-4 Box Shipping Now! Plus OVA X Jpn Cover Art & Release Date!

Welcome Hellsing fans to another exciting news report from Kouta Hirano's world of blood, guns, and mayhem!

First on today's long list of news is news from the United States!
Fans who preordered their copy of the Hellsing I-IV Blu-ray & DVD combo set from The Right Stuf will be delighted to know that their pre-orders are shipping now! This is possible despite it being 20 days before the release dates because Right Stuf is an official partner to FUNimation, and therefore they simply ship as soon as the product is in their werehouse, which of often several weeks before street date!

Call To Arms is delighted to be able to say our copy is on its way right now, and by the end of the week we shall supply a full review of the contents of the set!

Thats is not all however, as there are a few bits of wonderful news from Hellsing's home country of Japan!

The highly anticipated tenth and final volume of the Hellsing OVA series has received not only a release date, but a revelation of what appears to be the Standard Edition cover art! A wonderfully drawn shot of Hellsing's cunning primary antagonist, Herr Major!

Hellsing OVA X - Standard Edition Cover
(Click for Larger Version)

The volume's official release was given as November 28th 2012 to fit in with the earlier estimated "Late November" release date, however in a very short period of time, this was modified to Boxing Day, December 26th 2012 which is the current release date reported by most online solicitations.
Hellsing X can be pre-ordered from most online retailers including CD Japan and

As always, Call To Arms promises to be on the forefront, keeping fans up to date on anything and everything Hellsing!

Patiently Waiting for the Delivery Man,
Demon Rin & UV

9th September 2012 // US OVA 5-8 Boxed Set Cover Art And Trailer Revealed!

Hot of the heels of the initial announcement that Hellsing V-VIII would be receiving a boxed set release in the United States on November 13th 2012 comes not one, but two revelations of the highly anticipated release!

Hellsing Ultimate English Volume 5-8: Boxed Set
(Click For Larger Version)

First is the cover art, that appears to follow trend of repurposing art originally for the Japanese single volume releases. This time featuring the standard edition cover art of OVA VII by character designer and keyframe artist Ryoji Nakamori, Possibly an indication that the standard edition art may ultimately be what is used for the first set as well.

That is not all however folks!
FUNimation has also released their first trailer for the upcoming boxed set, featuring full-dialog voiced by the oh so familliar original dub cast who have been entirely re-assembled according to this very video!

Please be aware that this trailer has yet to be released in HD, and the audio and video quality are certainly not up to the standard they will be on the Blu-ray and DVD release, however it is quite exciting to see and especially hear our favorite Hellsing characters in English once more! November 13th certainly cannot come soon enough at this point, and Call To Arms promises to be there through the whole ride and beyond!

Getting More Excited By The Day,
Demon Rin & UV

8th September 2012 // US OVA 1-4 Boxed Set Delayed.

Well, it wouldn't be a Hellsing release without a delay here or there would it?

Yes Hellsing fans, the upcoming remastered Blu-ray DVD Combo pack re-release of Hellsing OVAs I-IV from FUNimation will see a delay from its original October 16th release, as online retailers are now listing the date as October 30th 2012. Currently, no reason has been given for the delay, and it does not yet appear to have affected the release date of the following OVA V-VIII set, due for release on November 13th 2012.

Another noteworthy aspect of this release however is the cover art. As reported previously, all online stores offering the boxed set feature a cover art image that largely uses Hellsing manga author Kouta Hirano's original illustration as used on the limited edition version of Hellsing OVA I, and this fact has not changed. That cover art continues to appear on all online retailers including and The Right Stuf.
FUNimation's official Hellsing site however, paints a different picture.

Hellsing Ultimate English Volume 1-4: Boxed Set
(Larger Version Not Available At This Time)

Featured at the FUNimation site appears to be the same cover layout and text applied to the original standard edition cover art for OVA I as illustrated by series character designer and keyframe artist Ryoji Nakamori.

Despite the majority of sources still using the originally released image, this now casts some doubt on which cover art will be featured on the official product when Hellsing fans begin receiving their copies.
Until then and well after, we at Call To Arms shall continue our quest to bring fine Hellsing fans across the internet the most up to date news on this wonderfully bloody Vampire meta-series, hot off the presses as the old saying goes! So keep an eye out and look forward to more!

Delay-edly yours,
Demon Rin & UV

22th August 2012 // US OVA 1-4 Boxed Set Cover Art & OVA 5-8 Gift.

Keeping up with a steady stream of news, FUNimation has released more information about their upcoming Hellsing releases including a bit of cover art!

Hellsing Ultimate English Volume 1-4: Boxed Set
(Click the image for a larger version)

Clearly the image is re-purposing the Limited Edition cover art for OVA I as drawn by Hellsing author Kouta Hirano. but now includes the "Ultimate Volumes I-V" branding with FUNimation's logos and information. The art is certainly as beautiful as when OVA I saw its original release, and looks rather gorgeous with the Blu-ray band at the top! The Hellsing OVA I-IV Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack will see release on October 13th 2012.

That however, is not all Hellsing fans!
As previously reported, Hellsing OVA V-VIII will be seeing release in America on November 13th 2012, and it appears that while supplies last, those who preorder at The Right Stuf, who are FUNimaton's official partner as their online store, will receive a special gift with your purchase. The ad does not specify what the gift will be, so at this time it can be considered a surprise special gift!

We at Call To Arms promise to report on any and all news about all of these exciting releases coming to us now and in the future just as soon as that news becomes available!

Surprisingly Yours,
Demon Rin & UV

17th August 2012 // Hellsing US OVA Box Set 2, TV Announced & OVA X Jpn Release Window!

When it rains it most certainly does pour! Our fine patrons will be delighted to know we bring news from both the US front and Hellsing's home country of Japan!

Last year, in a podcast interview between Anime News Network, FUNimation Marketing manager Adam Sheehan, and Director of Corporate Strategy Lance Heiskell, it was stated that FUNimation was contractually obligated to release Hellsing V-VIII as individual volumes, at least initially. However, the contract appears to have changed as an official solicitation has now been made at The Right Stuf for "Hellsing Ultimate DVD/Blu-ray Set 2" which is stated to include all 4 of those episodes! The set is currently slotted for release on November 13th 2012 with an MSRP of $69.98, $10 more than the first set which releases October 16th 2012. Both boxed sets are available for preorder currently, and as usual, most online retailers including The Right Stuf themselves offer both sets for a discounted price.

That's not all from FUNimation however, as it appears The Hellsing Television series will be made available once more after multiple years out of print in a new boxed set from FUNimation! Releasing under FUNimation's "Anime Classics" brand, this collection is currently available for preorder as well for release parallel to the second OVA boxed set on November 13th 2012 with an MSRP of $34.98.

Over to the other side of the world, another trailer has been posted to Geneon-Universal's official Youtube Channel for the highly anticipated upcoming Hellsing OVA X. It is immediately apparent that this trailer features exactly the same video as the trailer posted last week. however, those who can view Hellsing in its native language of Japanese will observe that the dialog set to the video is now completely different. The previous iteration featured Nobuo Tobita, The Major's voice actor, making a plethora of comments about the production of the episode itself, with no in-story material presented. This iteration however, while maintaining Tobita-san for the voice over, replaces his dialog with an in-character monologue about the nature of War. Check below for the new version of the trailer.

The most excited aspect of this trailer however is not actually in the raw trailer itself however, it appears in the official comment on the video as posted by Geneon-Universal:

"Hellsing OVA X, The 10th and final volume! Release scheduled for late November"

This is exciting news indeed as it appears the staff has finally revealed a release window! Before getting too excited however, fans should note that this is not an an actual iron-clad release date. No actual day is associated with it and no official solicitations have been made to any Japanese retailer. It is simply the currently suggested release window, and as with any tentative release, is certainly subject to change.
It is exciting however to receive some official information from the Japanese production staff pertaining to a release date, as false dates have constantly found their way into Wikipedia articles, Youtube Videos, and other fan communities.
Take caution and note: If you have seen any purported release date for this episode beyond "Late November" it is false as no official source has stated it.

As always, Call To Arms promises to be ever vigilant in our quest to supply fans with up-to-date and accurate information about all of these releases just as soon as they are made available!

Vigilantly Yours,
Demon Rin & UV

10th August 2012 // HELLSING OVA X Trailer Released. Final Runtime Revealed!

August is Trailer month it seems in the realm of Hellsing! Just a few short days ago, we reported that FUNimation had finally put out their first Hellsing Boxed Set trailer, and today the most exciting news of all! The first full trailer of the highly anticipated Hellsing OVA Series X! Without further adieu, Call To Arms is proud to present the trailer in glorious HD via our official Youtube Channel~!

Other than the glorious, full-motion animation from the volume, the trailer also includes a few scant bits of information about the release itself.

With a whole one and one half volumes of the manga still left to adapt, it was unknown if the Wild Geese intended to maintain their plan to end the series on the tenth episode or extend the series by one more. This trailer confirms that not only will this indeed be the final installment, but it will be the longest episode of the series by nearly 15 minutes! Clocking in at a total 67 minutes!

Still absent is a release date, however, with 67 whole minutes of vampire blood and gore action, one certainly cannot blame the Geese for taking their time to ensure that this swan song to the Hellsing franchise will be the most spectacular piece of Vampire fiction ever put to animation! Check back at Call To Arms for more riveting updates just as soon as they come from Japan!

Even More Excited Than Before,
Demon Rin & UV

7th August 2012 // US OVA 1-4 Box Set Trailer & Preorder Available.

As previously reported, FUNimation Entertainment has finally waded through all of the red tape and has come out the other end with some wonderful news of a Hellsing OVA series release to allow us to sate our appetite for more Hellsing bloodshed! However, the information pointed to the release simply being a "Hellsing Ultimate OVA" release and beyond the date and price, it revealed nothing more, not even which episode(s) would be seeing release on that date. Now that is a mystery no more!

FUNimation has not only given an official online solicitation for it, complete with preorders, they have been so kind as to provide us a beautiful full-HD Trailer via their official Youtube channel!

Both the trailer and the new solicitations on sites Right Stuf and Amazon confirm what we at CTA originally deduced based on the pricing on the original one-sheet. This release will be a Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack That will include the First Four Episodes of the Hellsing OVA Series, as released by Geneon USA before that company ceased business operations. The footage on the trailer is also conclusively from the same HD masters used by FUNimation for their Subscription Streaming Service of these episodes, confirming that this set will include the remastered and redone versions of the episodes, as released on Blu-ray in Japan not too long ago.

The rest of the information is as already revealed on the same one-sheet, the set will release on October 16th 2012 with an MSRP of $59.99. However, as is customary, online retailers actually offer the set for a lower cost, sometimes substantially so with the Right Stuf listing being as low as $35.99. Also of note: The Right Stuf is directly affiliated with FUNimation as their primary online store, so those who preorder from from that site tend to get their copy far head of street date, sometimes by two whole weeks! As always, expect regular updates on this very exciting release! Hellsing will finally be available again to the English-speaking fanbase!

Very Excited,
Demon Rin & UV

21st June 2012 // OVA US Release Date & TV Series Streaming.

In 2010, FUNimation announced their acquisition of the Hellsing license and since then, precious little information on the release of the new Hellsing OVA episodes has come to light. In that time, even the previously released DVDs of OVA I-V and the TV series have gone out of print leaving fans no way to view Hellsing in any form. This month however, FUNimation has begun to roll out not only legal streaming options for the Gothic spectacle that is Hellsing, but now they have finally revealed the release date of their very first home video release!

The Right Stuf,the internet's largest anime-centric online retailer, and the site FUNimation uses as their primary store, have recently released their annual Summer catalogue. Along with the typical title solicitations was a very exciting full-page ad for two of FUNimation's upcoming releases, one featuring a very familiar Vampire with a very familiar gun.

FUNimation Reveals Hellsing OVA Release Date
Click Here To See The Whole Catalogue

The ad promises a release date of October 16th 2012 with an MSRP of $59.99. Oddly however, that is all of the information presented in the catalogue, not even which episode(s) will be released on that date. However, the price compared to other FUNimation titles suggests a multi-episode Blu-ray set, and the image of OVA I's original cover implies from the beginning, implying this will be a re-release of the first 4 episodes of the series as originally released by Geneon USA. We at CTA promise to provide any and all new information about this release just as soon as FUNimation reveals it

That's not all however Hellsing fans!
As FUNimation's rights also include that of the original Hellsing TV Series, FUNimation has decided to add those episodes to their Elite Streaming Video service just as they recently have begun to with the OVA series! As with the OVA series, they've started with the first episodes, only two so far, and will be rolling out an additional two each week until the whole series is available. Click Here to start your free two week trial of FUNimation Elite and watch this classic series for yourself!

With all these new ways to watch Hellsing, please make use of Call To Arms' new banner at the top of this page, giving fans links to the many different in-progress and upcoming releases! Keep your eyes peeled for more news on that front as well as some wonderful new upcoming updates to Call To Arms' own website, including character biographies and featured articles we've been cooking up behind the scenes for a while!

Streamingly Yours,
Demon Rin & UV

15th June 2012 // OVA English Release, Streaming & UV's Sincere Thanks.

We're back to our regularly scheduled program!

Call To Arms staff apologizes for the lengthy hiatus in updates, but with the Tragedy that befell one of our webmasters coupled with a dry spell of actual Hellsing news has caused us to grow just a bit behind, and we sincerely apologize. However, "When it rains it pours!" as the expression goes, and quite a bit of wonderful little things have begun to trickle out now that some time has gone by! So please excuse the lengthiness of this post.

Kicking off, as previously reported, the rights to the English version of Hellsing have finally been resolved and FUNimation Entertainment will be releasing the series going forward including retaining New Generation Pictures as the primary production company, and thus bringing back the entire original cast! Beyond then however, very scant pieces of information have been trickling out. The cast appeared at Anime Vegas, answering some questions, and we here at CTA had a wonderful exclusive interview with the gracious Mr. Patrick Seitz, but so many questions have been left unanswered, until now!

We now know that due to contractual obligations, Episodes 5 and on will need to be released initially as an individual release and will not be coming out in any form of a boxed set as its initial release. A boxed set will be happening down the line, but the initial release will continue to be single-volume releases going forward. Episodes 1-4 however, will also be getting a re-release and those will most likely receive a boxed set release in conjunction with OVA V to bring most fans up to speed. It's also confirmed that FUNimation has the HD masters to all 8 and will be releasing all episodes in that format, including 1-4 however, it is not ironed out yet as to whether it will be separate DVD and Blu-ray releases or the "DVD/Blu-ray Combo" releases that FUNimation has primarily moved on to. No release date has yet been unveiled, but fans have been asked by FUNimation to be patient as something will be coming very soon!

Fret not however, as we will need to wait a bit for a physical media release, FUNimation has fans covered on the digital front! FUNimation has recently rolled out a subscription video service they call their "Elite" service, and the Hellsing OVA series is being rolled out as part of that service! FUNimation is releasing the episodes in order, one at a time. OVA I is available right now, with the rest coming very shortly. Full schedule is as follows:


OVA II: 6/19
OVA III: 6/26
OVA IV: 7/3
OVA V:7/10
OVA VI: 7/17
OVA VII: 7/24
OVA VIII: 7/31

Even more exciting, with the release of OVA I, we now have confirmation that FUNimation is using the reworked and remastered HD versions of the episodes as released in Japan on a blu-ray boxed set recently. Click Here to get a run down of the changes made complete with screen shots.

Finally, as reported previously, Call To Arms Cofounder and Webmaster UV has recently been rebuilding after his home was mostly destroyed by a devastating flood. This event has obviously been an extreme burden upon him and has been difficult to rectify. You may remember we at Call To Arms asked you, our wonderful readership, to help in any way that you can by donating even a small amount to the relief effort and I am moved to tears by the response. Our readership has come through in fine form, and several hundreds of dollars were raised in the effort! Forum goers have already been treated to this, but I now present UVs own direct response to this wonderful outpouring of support:

" "I am humbled and very appreciative of your donations. May you each be blessed for your generosity. Every contribution goes toward repairing water, electricity, and structural damage. I sincerely thank you all!" "

We are pleased to report that, in no small part thanks to your donations, The base structural damage has been repaired to the point that UV is back in his home right now! There is more work to be done, most of which being the repair and replacement of his furnature and possessions, so the donations page will remain open for a short time longer, however great leaps forward have clearly been made, and we could not be happier that UV is back in his actual home!

Now that things have stabilized, and we are back hard at work, expect rapid updates to the Call To Arms website including new pages and features to come in the following days and weeks. As always, expect up to date news on the several upcoming Hellsing releases just as soon as it's released!

Happy to be back,
Demon Rin & UV

21st February 2012 // CTA Release Hellsing OVA IX Fan-sub!

As always, Hellsing Call To Arms are immeasurably proud to present to our fine patrons, our official Hellsing OVA IX fan-sub! Despite the unfortunate absence of UV the remaining members of the fansub staff have worked tirelessly yet again, succeeding in presenting you, our fine patrons with the most accurate and professional script translation possible.

The subtitle file is being distributed free until the release of official English DVD/Blu-rays are made available to the public. Click Walter to be amongst the first to receive your copy!

Walter in OVA IX
Click Here to Download CTA's Official OVA VIII Fan Subs!

As with the previous volume, this installment of Hellsing also included a short animated segment of Hellsing's one and only side-story "THE DAWN". Episode 2 of The Dawn is being worked at this very moment! Hellsing fans can expect a release shortly.

We would also like to take this time to alert our readership that the previously announced review of the new Revoltech 114 - Alucard figure is still set to be released. We apologize for the delay, however the release of OVA IX coupled with UV's current situation has caused a slight delay.

Enjoy Everyone,
Demon Rin & UV.

16th February 2012 // Call To Arms' Webmaster's Home Destroyed.

To all of our loyal patrons, fans, friends and fellow Hellsing readers, I relay this most terrible of news with an extremely heavy heart.

Call To Arms' own co-owner, webmaster, forum administrator and translation staff member UV has befallen a horrific natural disaster that has left his home and a large number of his possessions ravaged by floods. His entire life has been turned upside down.

We at Call To Arms have never directly asked our fans for any kind of monetary support in the past. We have never charged for our website or translation work and we promise we will not begin now. However, in his time of need, UV will require all the help he can get, and every little bit helps. Therefore we humbly ask any of our find patrons who may be willing and able to help in any way that they can to lend their aid. Even the fewest dollars and cents make all the difference.

To find out more about what has happened to him and how you can help UV, please Click Here.

Due to this, UV will not be able to lend his hand in the creation of the OVA IX Translation, however this will not have an affect on the planned release. The rest of the staff promise that the episode will still see release as scheduled.

Thank you all for your continued patronage,
Demon Rin & UV.

15th February 2012 // Hellsing IX Released!

Hellsing fans rejoice! For today brings the release of another much awaited episode of the Hellsing Original Video Animation series!

OVA IX has been released in Japan, and those who have pre-ordered have already begun to receive their copies! The episode is now confirmed to include a full 11 manga chapters worth of content, ending at Chapter 80 of the original Manga, Lunatic Dawn.

Alucard in OVA IX
Click Here to Discuss the Episode in our Forums.

As with the previous release, the limited edition of this volume included not only the main feature, but a short 7.5 minute continuation of an animated adaptation of The Dawn! As well as various extras including credit-less endings, trailers and a Nakamori Arts featuring pencil work by Key framer Ryoji Nakamori!

Now that the episode is within our reach, the fansub work shall begin! We at Call To Arms promise to release just as high-quality external subtitle files with this release as we have offered in the past! Please look forward to it, and have fun celebrating yet another release of this wonderful animation!

Back At the Work Table,
Demon Rin & UV

PS: Special thanks to Gman on Call To Arms Forums who has already received his copy and is sharing this wonderful information!

11th February 2012 // Hellsing THE DAWN Mini-Volume Release and Official Databook Announced!

February 12th Edition of Young King OURs

With only 4 days until the release of the much heralded Hellsing OVA IX, several bits of Manga news have actually begun to come in from Japan!

As with every month, January 2012 saw the release of another issue of Young King OURs, The magazine in which Hellsing as originally published. Unlike every month however, the February 2012 issue (which comes out one month in advance of the cover date) featured an added bonus! A Hellsing mini-volume release, collecting all 6 issues of THE DAWN. Pictures of the mini-volume release can be seen at the product's product page. We at Call To Arms are currently attempting to procure a copy of this book to provide a full article on it's contents. Please check back for more information!

Also on Amazon however, is a curious new listing for a brand-new Hellsing book to be published by Shounen Gahousha's Young King Comics label themselves! The Book is titled "Hellsing Fanbook", is priced 130¥ higher than a typical volume of Hellsing, and has its author listed as none other than Kouta Hirano, Hellsing's original author himself! No other information is provided in the article, but "Fanbooks" are typically guide books featuring a wealth of information such as full character profiles, new information and insights into the author's writing process.
The Book is scheduled to be released in Japan on March 30th 2012 at a price of 650¥ and is available for preorder now.

This is exciting news indeed, and we at Call To Arms promise to keep fans up to date on the contents of this guide just as soon as more information is made available!

Your Resident Hellsing Bookworms,
Demon Rin & UV

26th January 2012 // Hellsing IX TV Spot & Revoltech Alucard Review Coming Soon!

As the grains of sand slowly drop through the hourglass, fans grow ever closer to the release of Hellsing OVA IX, and with that time now close at hand, comes another wonderful glimpse at footage from the highly anticipated epic!

Revoltech 114 - Alucard

This 47-second snippet is a short Television commercial playing in Japan right now, however despite the break-neck speed, several wonderful new shots of character animation from the episode can be glimpsed! Truly, February 15th can not come soon enough!

Meanwhile in Japan, a company by the name of Kaiyodo has been steadily releasing a myriad of highly-articulated figurines from many of the most popular anime, manga, video game and even American animated properties under a line they call "Revoltech". For the 114th release of this Revoltech brand, the people at Kaiyodo have seen fit to release a figure of our very own resident No-Life King Alucard!

Call To Arms have not only pre-ordered this figure but have received it! In the coming few days, expect a full review of the product complete with an in-depth look at it from our very own Demon Rin!

Figuratively Yours,
Demon Rin & UV

15th January 2012 // Patrick Seitz Interview Released & Hellsing IX Cover Art

Salutations to all of our fine patrons! As the date ticks down to one month before the release of OVA IX, some exciting news comes with not one, but two developments!

First, as reported previously, Call To Arms staff member Demon Rin was in attendance to Taiyou Con in Mesa Arizona this last week and was fortunate enough to speak to the kind Mr. Patrick Seitz! The voice of Luke Valentine could not have been nicer, and now that conversation is here for our fine patrons to read in Call To Arms' very first Voice Actor Interview!

Click here to read the full interview transcription.

With that comes more exciting news in the form of of an OVA IX revelation!
Previously in November, Call To Arms was pleased to bring you place holder art for the standard edition of the upcoming OVA release and now, one month before street date comes the revelation of not only the final artwork for that volume but also the Limited Edition art as well!

Standard ------------------------ Limited

Hellsing OVA IX Standard Edition DVD/Blu-Ray CoverHellsing OVA IX Limited Edition Cover
(Images Via.

The Standard Edition art is largely unchanged from the placeholder version, however it now features the typical accents and backgrounds present in the regular covers. The Limited Edition however is a brand new image featuring Father Alexander Anderson, beautifully illustrated by Hellsing's original author himself, Kouta Hirano!

As this final month winds down, We at Call To Arms promise our fine patrons we will remain vigilant and shall keep you up to date on anything and everything Hellsing. Until the date OVA IX hits the streets and beyond!

Conversationally yours,
Demon Rin & UV

7th January 2012 // Call To Arms at Taiyou Con and Patrick Seitz Interview Coming Soon!

Patrick Seitz

The first post of the new year brings with it some very exciting developments!

This weekend in Mesa Arizona (Jan 6-8) marks the beginning of the year's anime convention circuit with Taiyou Con! A wonderfully fun convention that Call To Arms' very own Demon Rin was fortunate enough to attend! While our attendance at the convention was rather last minute, we would like to fully thank the staff for having us and recommend that any of our patrons in the area attend in the future!

That being said, one of the numerous guests present at this event is a wonderful voice actor known for the roles of Franky in One Piece, Germany in Hetalia and Sloth in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood! Hellsing's very own Patrick Seitz, voice of Luke Valentine and script writer for the upcoming English adaptation of Hellsing OVAs 6 & 7! The good Mr. Seitz could not have been more of a pleasure to chat with, and we at Call To Arms have done just that! Very shortly, within the coming days, our fine patrons can look forward to a wonderfully fun and insightful interview with Mr. Seitz that he was so gracious enough to give! We are sure you will laugh and maybe even learn a thing or two!

Journalistically yours,
Demon Rin & UV

30th December 2011 // Hellsing OVA IX Second Trailer!

Time marches onward towards February 15th, the release date of the highly anticipated ninth installment of the Hellsing OVA series, and just before the new year comes some exciting news on the upcoming release. At the 81st Comic Market ("Comiket") in Japan, a new trailer was released featuring quite a bit of actual character animation from the volume.

(NOTE: The Trailer is cammed off of a monitor. The quality no doubt takes a hit due to this.)

Several bits can be gleamed from the trailer, including a few very fast Easter eggs that appear to only be on one or two frames at a time! We at Call To Arms promise our fine patrons we shall be vigilant and will bring any and all of this news to you just as soon as it hits!

Excitedly yours,
Demon Rin & UV

6th November 2011 // Hellsing OVA IX Cover Art Revealed!

As more news begins to pour out about the highly anticipated 9th episode of the Hellsing OVA series, has once again updated their product listing for both the Limited and Standard editions of the volume, this time to include placeholder covers for both editions. Despite this, only the standard edition features what appears to be the final artwork.

Hellsing OVA VIII Standard Edition Blu-Ray Cover
The Standard Ed. Art by Ryoji Nakamori

Following tradition, the standard edition placeholder features a gorgeously illustrated drawing by character designer and main keyframe artist Ryoji Nakamori, while the limited edition features simply a black background with "Hellsing IX" over it. (Click Here to see)
The standard edition's cover has what appears to be complete character art, but lacks the final layout and structure design of the other volume titles, implying that this may not be the final iteration of the cover. Nevertheless, the art is gorgeous and definitely heightens the excitement!

Hellsing IX Releases in Japan on February 15th 2012 and is currently available for pre-order at
As always, expect Call to Arms to be on the forefront as more information is released.

Artistically yours,
Demon Rin & UV

4th November 2011 // Hellsing OVA 5-8 Dubs Announced! Original Cast Returning!

Japanese OVA Volume 8: Limited Blu-Ray Edition

Just after news of the release of Hellsing IX in Japan, comes information from across the pond in America.

FUNimation Entertainment, current rights holds of both animated adaptations of Hellsing have announced that after a long wait, their anticipated releases of Hellsing OVAs V-VII will finally be seeing release in the year 2012 along with the newly acquired 8th installment.

Fans will be most delighted to hear that along with the releases coming stateside, it has been confirmed that despite the change in rights holders, the original recording studio New Generation Pictures will be utilized featuring the entire original cast of actors headed by the magnificent Crispin Freeman as Alucard himself.

We at Call To Arms will keep our fine readers up to date as more information becomes available about this exciting English release of our favorite vampire anime!

Still very much excited,
Demon Rin & UV

1st November 2011 // Hellsing IX & Kurosaki Maon's SCARS Release Date.

Right on the heels of Call To Arms' two year anniversary celebration come some exciting Hellsing news! has been updated to include all-new product solicitations for the upcoming Hellsing OVA IX in both standard and limited editions on both DVD and Blu-ray. According to the solicitations, the episode will go on sale February 15th 2012 with a listed run time of 45 minutes. No word as of yet on any other specifications or features. Click the links below to pre-order the Japanese edition at Amazon Japan.

DVD Version (Standard Edition - Limited Edition)
Blu-ray Version (Standard Edition - Limited Edition)

As previously announced, Hellsing IX will feature an ending theme titled SCARS by Japanese singer Kurosaki Maon, currently best known in anime for providing the theme songs to the High School of the Dead anime series. Her next album Butterfly Effect, which will feature the Hellsing IX ending theme has an announced release date of November 30th 2011. Fans will be happy to be able to sample the song long before the release of the episode early next year, however there are even more special bonuses to this release. As is common for Japanese album releases, a limited "DVD edition" will be available featuring primarily music videos set to songs on the album. Announced to be included in this release is an exclusive sneak peak of Hellsing IX featuring footage from the episode itself! Fans will be overjoyed to be able to sample both the song and the episode so much earlier than the anticipated release.

Very excited,
Demon Rin & UV

31st October 2011 // CTA Celebrates Its 2nd Year Live Anniversary!

Greetings, salutations, and a very good day to you, Call To Arms' fine patrons!

Halloween is upon us once again, and so with it comes the close to another year for Call To Arms! It was this day two years ago that the site went fully live. Since then we've expanded, with wonderful Twitter and Facebook accounts with over 300 and 100 followers respectively! Not to mention our fantastic Youtube channel where we upload credit-less endings, trailers and other Hellsing related goodies for you, our fans! Add to that the updates we have been making to expand and increase the information contained herein, and we here are Call To Arms are just going up and up!

Yes, it has been a wonderful two years, and to celebrate we present for your viewing pleasure this new layout celebrating the devious main antagonists of the Hellsing manga and OVA series, The elite Waffen-SS Millennium Group!

That is not all however! We have been hard at work on several all-new content updates to the website. The slight dry spell in OVA news following the release of OVA VIII has left a window wide open to write an absolute mountain of content! It is all nearing completion, so look forward to a month-long celebration of our 2 years online with rolling updates all month long!

Last but not least however, we must take a moment out to thank you. All of our readers. The fine patrons of Call To Arms. Without you we would have never taken this labor of love upon ourselves to create, and we wouldn't have the beautiful site you are now viewing.

So sincerely, thank you very much for all your patronage and support over these past two years, with many more to come!

In very celebratory spirits,
Demon Rin & UV

21st August 2011 // CTA Celebrate OVA 8 & The Dawn!


It’s a special occasion here at Call To Arms! Our staff has worked around the clock to bring our fans a truly awesome experience!
With the rise of the highly anticipated OVA VIII, we proudly display our brand new site layout skin featuring the greatest vampire of them all: Vlad Dracula!
Then, you asked and we delivered! ‘Hellsing: The Dawn Episode 1’ the official CTA English fan-sub is now available for download!

Click here to get your free copy: The Dawn Ep 1. English Fansub

And last but not least, CTA have expanded their encyclopedic database adding Walter C. Dollneaz' character biography! Readers beware! Walter's bio has 2 versions. The Standard and the Expanded version. Audiences are warned that the Expanded version contains spoilers for the latter part of the series in both its manga and anime forms.

There’s a lot to enjoy here at Call To Arms, so check it out and help us celebrate! Find us on Twitter and Facebook to leave feedback! Celebrate with us!

Champagne and Caviar For All,
UV & Demon Rin

PS: There is a smoking-section for all you smokers out there, however, no Yankee Cigarettes allowed. -The Management

16th August 2011 // CTA Confirm 'The Dawn' English Fan-sub!


Due to positively overwhelming public demand, Call To Arms staff have officially confirmed their highly anticipated release of 'The Dawn' English Fan Sub for 21st August 2011.

You asked for it, now here it comes!

Hellsing fans are encouraged to check back often for fresh information. And don't forget our RSS feed, Twitter and Facebook pages will instantly keep you wired with all the latest updates.

Working Hard,
UV & Demon Rin

3rd August 2011 // CTA Release Hellsing OVA VIII Fan-sub!

Hellsing Call To Arms are extremely proud to present our official Hellsing OVA VIII fan-sub! Our outstanding staff have exceeded themselves yet again to insure they present you with the most accurate and professional script translation possible.

The subtitle file is being distributed free until the release of official English DVD/Blu-rays are made available to the public. Click Alucard to be amongst the first to receive your copy!

Alucard... Now In English.
Click Here to Download CTA's Official OVA VIII Fan Subs!

Enjoy Everyone,
UV & Demon Rin

27th July 2011 // Hellsing VIII Released!

The day has finally arrived, and patient fans everywhere will now be able to see the wonderful Hellsing VIII!

The episode has been out in Japan now for a little over a day, and Call To Arms staff have received our copy! We are now hard at work on the fansub release, so fans can expect to see a full English-subtitled release in the coming days, at the usual quality, only CTA can bring!

Alucard in OVA VIII
Click Here to Discuss the Episode in our Forums.

Also included with the volume, was The short animated adaptation of "The Dawn" located on the 2nd disc. Fans will be happy to know that the 10 minute long episode featured content only from chapter 1 of The Dawn manga, and ended with an authoritative "To Be Continued", promising more of the Hellsing-prequel to come!

We ask you, our fine patrons, to wait patiently now as the fansub staff works diligently on the English-language translation of what is truly an episode well worth the wait!

Hard at work,
Demon Rin & UV

8th July 2011 // Hellsing VIII Long Trailer Released.

As the release date draws ever nearer, the Wild Geese have released an amazing new glimpse at the 8th gripping episode of the Hellsing Original Video Animation series! This marks the first and possibly final full online trailer release of the series to use full, final animation from the completed episode as the trailer leaked previously was only truly made available officially at a trade show.

The trailer is quite lengthy by trailer standards and actually clocks in just shy of 4 minutes. It includes several scenes from the upcoming episode showing several glimpses into how far into the corresponding manga volume the episode will reach.

(Warning: Please note that the video is a web resolution upload, so some pixilation and low framerate is a result of that)
Alucard in the Trailer
Click Here to Watch the Trailer.

This is exciting news indeed, as the release grows ever nearer, and fans' anticipation is no doubt at its peak! Call To Arms promises to be there on the release date, eager to report on anything and everything Hellsing VIII that we can get our hands on!

Even More Excitedly Yours,
Demon Rin & UV

4th July 2011 // Hellsing: THE DAWN Animated Version Announced!

With less than one month until the final release of Hellsing VIII, the final concrete bits of information about the special features have been announced, with the most exciting being the true identity of the special "Short Gaiden" [Side Story] on the extra disc that we reported on previously.


According to the official features page for Hellsing VIII on the Japanese Hellsing official site, the side story will be "THE DAWN", the same side-story/prequel released for the original manga. The OVA main site elaborated on this with a new staff blog post, confirming that this will indeed be the plot of "The Dawn".

"Around the office, we've been getting this question a lot: "What is the Bonus Side-story?!"
It's the Story that was published in the quarterly magazine OURs LITE about Young Walter running around Warsaw with a coffin, a real Dreamy story.
Kinda snuck this update right on you today huh?"

The post continued on to say that they would be working from a manuscript from "Sensei" (most likely referring to manga author Kouta Hirano) and the special features list states that 4 pages of this manuscript will be included with the volume's liner notes booklet.

Hellsing VIII Releases in Japan on July 27th, 2011 in Japan, and is currently available for pre-order at most import sites.
As the release nears, Call To Arms promises fans that we shall be diligent in our reporting of this release, with full coverage of both the main feature and this exciting side-story.

Excitedly Yours,
Demon Rin & UV

21st June 2011 // Hellsing OVA VIII Cover Art Revealed!

As the release date of the highly anticipated 8th episode of the Hellsing OVA series nears, has updated their product listing for both the Limited and Standard editions of the volume to include full cover art revelations for both.

Standard ------------------------ Limited

Hellsing OVA VIII Standard Edition Blu-Ray CoverHellsing OVA VIII Limited Edition Cover

As has proven to be the custom, the Standard edition features cover art drawn by character designer Ryoji Nakamori, while the Limited edition is illustrated by the author of the original Hellsing manga, Kouta Hirano, featuring the characters Paladin Alexander Anderson and The Captain respectively.

Hellsing VIII Releases in Japan on July 27th, 2011, and is currently available for pre-order at most import sites.
Call to Arms plans to be on the forefront as the volume is released, with full coverage information.

Until then,
Demon Rin & UV

13th June 2011 // Hellsing OVA IX Theme Song Production Announced

The OVA Official Site
Kurosaki Maon

With a little more than a month away from the new release of the highly anticipated 8th episode of the Hellsing Original Video Animation series, news of the subsequent episodes has begun to trickle out.

On her official Twitter page, Japanese singer Kurosaki Maon, known for providing the ending theme songs for the High School of the Dead Anime Series, has recently made a Tweet about an upcoming project of hers. According to Ms. Kurosaki herself, she will be providing the ending theme song for Hellsing IX.

Hellsing IX, along with Hellsing X have been announced as being part of the "Final Season" of the Hellsing OVA series, however no concrete information is as of yet available on their release date.

We here at Call To Arms shall diligently keep all Hellsing fans informed on any and every bit of news as it presents itself.

Musically yours,
Demon Rin & UV

25th May 2011 // Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 8 to be Delayed


Geneon Universal Entertainment announced on the 24th May that the highly anticipated Hellsing Ultimate (OVA) Vol. VIII will experience a 30 day delay before being released in Japan. Originally scheduled to hit shelves 22nd June, the highly anticipated Blu-ray discs and DVDs will not appear until July 27th.

Staff have apologized to their audiences informing that the cause for the delay is both a result of the earthquake disaster and the need to for multiple retakes already compromising a tight production scheduled

Regardless, fans have plenty to look forward to. Vol. VIII’s Limited Edition liner note booklet will include a four page “Gaiden” comic written and drawn by Kouta Hirano.

Ever So Patiently,
UV & Demon Rin

2nd May 2011 // Hellsing CTA Battles Plagiarism

Hellsing Call To Arms' official site has been the victim of a recent plagiarism incident located on Wikia.

The collective group of authors maintaining some 129 pages for Hellsing Wikia had a portion of their character biography forcefully deleted yesterday after CTA staff realized it was a direct copy and paste from the official CTA website.

The offending article was replaced with a Cease & Desist letter advising the Hellsing Wikia editors that acts of plagiarism will not be tolerated. Additionally, all content published on the Hellsing Call To Arms website is in fact copyrighted material that cannot be used under any circumstances without the express permission of the original authors. Would-be plagiarists are reminded that the entire site's content is covered by legal terms and conditions. A full disclaimer cataloging all legal ramifications is available under the site's 'About Us' section.

Wikipedia's Terms of Use statement clearly outlines: You may not submit content to the Service that you did not create or that you do not have permission to submit.

Internet plagiarism is a growing problem that must be controlled through strict vigilance, awareness and education of the general public.
Reading the small print may seem a tedious task, however it is vital to making certain that you are not infringing copyrights and/or other legal parameters.

Hellsing fans are reminded that if they wish to utilize content from our website for other forms of media; electronic, printed or otherwise - that they MUST contact Call To Arms staff first to negotiate legalities and limitations. Otherwise, you may only use our content as a reference guide, the rest must be written in your own words.

It's only a matter of time before acts of plagiarism are found out and the consequences can become quite severe.
Very Concerned,
UV & Demon Rin

8th April 2011 // Hellsing OVA VIII Features Unleashed

Official sources Kinokuniya Forest + and have upped the bar disclosing vital information to this highly sought after OVA release today. Detailed information includes confirmations on the DVD and Blu-ray content and features.
Fans will be overjoyed to learn that the following data has been solicited -

Hellsing OVA VIII will include:

  • A Digi-Pack cover featuring an illustration by Kouta Hirano
  • 12 page Liner Notes booklet
  • Picture labels
  • Audio Commentary
  • 2nd Disc special feature showcasing: clean, non-credit ending. “Gaiden” Side-Story anime feature & more.

Details revealing the nature of this highly anticipated side-story anime feature are presently unconfirmed. Fans are hopeful in their speculations that this announcement could finally be a confirmation of their hugely desired animation of Hirano’s previously unfinished Hellsing prequel, The Dawn.

Team CTA will be front-row first to bring you the all the latest press news as it happens,
UV & Demon Rin

1st April 2011 // Hellsing OVA VIII Official Solicitations!

As time draws ever closer to the announced release date of the newest installment of the exciting Hellsing OVA series, more information on the DVD and Blu-ray features have been officially published.

Official solicitations have been published on major Japanese retail sites allowing fans to finally place their orders for the newest OVA installment! Listings for all four versions of the product (Limited and standard edition DVD and BD) are now featured on both as well as the Japanese "Forest+ Kinokuniya" website. While neither site has published any major information such as cover art, both companies have related other key details.

A release date has been finalized as "June 22nd 2011". In spite of Japan’s recent natural disasters, publishers have confirmed we should not expect further production delays.

The public have also received confirmation regarding animation production. Previously, in October of 2010, it was revealed by the Wild Geese that two animation houses known as "Graphinica" and "Kelmadick" would be involved in production of the final three volumes of the OVA series, however neglected to mention whether they would supplant Studio MADhouse as the main animation production team of the series or simply work in tandem with them. According to Kinokuniya's listing, Studio MADhouse is officially instilled as head animation team.

Finally, both solicitations list the run time of the volume as being 45 minutes however this may be subject to change while in production.
Also listed is the director of the volume, which according to both sites will once again be Hiroyuki Tanaka who replaced Tomokazu Tokoro as director of the series from OVA V onwards.

Both the DVD and Blu-ray versions of the limited edition are listed as having two discs worth of content instead of just one. Presumably the public may be treated to genuine additional content along the lines of a theatrical soundtrack, audio drama CD or Trailers and TV spots disc.

Call To Arms will continue to provide timely and up to date information as it’s released from genuine sources.

Very honestly yours, on a decidedly un-honest day,
Demon Rin & UV.

26th February 2011 // Hellsing OVA VIII Release Date Announced!

After a somewhat dry couple of months in the way of Hellsing news, comes a very wonderful piece of news. The newest installment in the Hellsing Original Video Animation Series now has an official release date! Thanks to a new magazine scan from what appears to be the new Young King OURs, we have not only this wonderful news of an actual concrete release date on the volume, but also some wonderful bits of original pencil art from Ryoji Nakamori which appear to be from the new episode!

OVA VIII Release Date
(Click for Full-Size)

The new release date is officially:
June 22nd 2011.

It's definitely exciting as fans will finally get a glimpse at this long-overdue episode of the exciting Hellsing OVA series! The wait is indeed long, but to tide you over, why not pop into our newly updated OVA VIII Section? The section has been fully updated with up-to-the-minute information about the volume including both trailers released so far, as well as write-ups and screen caps from both! The section, as well as the site as a whole, shall most certainly be updated as more information becomes available.

In the mean time, work is being done on some other sections of the website which will go live shortly! So Call To Arms' fine patrons can look forward to those in the near future!
Until June however, we shall all now eagerly wait for new glimpses at this, sure to be epic OVA episodes together!

Even More Excitedly Yours,
Demon Rin & UV.

31st December 2010 // Happy New Years Wishes & A New OVA VIII Trailer!

To start off this post, We would like to say to all of our dear patrons, Happy New Years! Right now, for some of you around the world, it is already 2011, while some of you are, as we speak, deep in the trawls of New Years Eve Celebrations!

With the new Years Celebration, however, comes some wonderful Hellsing News!

OVA News Update: In Japan recently a twice-a-year event known as "Comic Market" or "Comiket" for short was held. This event usually features varying degrees of Japanese comic works, including mostly self-published works as well as some of the more major commercial projects. Featured at this particular event, was a screen featuring trailers for various anime projects including MADhouse's "High School of the Dead" as well as our very own Hellsing VIII! As this was a live event, one must have physically been there to see the trailer in all of its splendor, but some kind soul at the Comiket event was good enough to film it and post it online! Check below for a link to the trailer, but please be aware, as it was filmed from an LCD screen at the event itself, the picture is not as vibrant as the final version will be, and background noise often overtakes the audio from the trailer.

Click Here to See the Trailer

Vlad Dracula in OVA VIII
Vlad III Dracula in the Trailer

The trailer features quite a bit as far as footage from the episode goes, but a few very nice little tidbits about the release of the episode itself. First off is the most obvious, a new tentative release date listed simply as "Now [The] Product [Is To Be Released] Spring 2011"
Which, by the East Asian calendar of seasons, sets this up for a release window of February 4th through to May 5th. This is all, of course, assuming there are no delays.

Another interesting bit of note from the trailer is what the trailer was presented along-side. The trailer was attached to the trailer of High School of the Dead, a series by Studio MADhouse who is known as having produced the animation for OVAs V-VII. Currently, there is some question as to who exactly will be animating the final 3 Hellsing volumes. An update on the Japanese Hellsing site said "Graphinica x Kelmadick" would be somehow involved in production of the final episodes, but said no more. It did not elaborate at all as to whether they would be taking over production completely or if they would just be assisting MADhouse with production of the "Final Season", and the attachment of this trailer to the MADhouse produced High School of the Dead trailer is interesting. What's more, the trailer to HSotD features Alucard! Using clips from older OVA Episodes, Alucard spends the majority of the trailer berating Kouta Hirano, a character from HSotD who is named and directly based on the very same Kouta Hirano who created Hellsing! This all implies MADhouse may still be involved in production, though details on this matter are still completely unknown.

Regardless, the release of this trailer is all very exciting and obviously well animated! Check back here at Call To Arms soon for an update to our episode section on Hellsing VIII discussing the new trailer in great detail!

Very Excitedly Yours,
Demon Rin & UV.

25th December 2010 // CTA Wishes You A Happy Holiday Season!

We at Hellsing Call To Arms simply love the holiday season! So no matter where you are in the world we truly hope you are amongst the warmth and love of your friends and family enjoying the togetherness the holidays bring! Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and a simply outstanding New Year! We will always be here to welcome you when you return, ready to share in your joy!

Seasons Greetings,
UV & Demon Rin.

18th December 2010 // Forum Downtime.

Site News: Forum members may have noticed already that the forums appear to be unstable right now. At times, they work just fine, at times they are exceedingly slow and at other times, they appear to have a "500 - Internal Service Error". This is completely random as to when things will work and how.

Let me first tell everyone that this is a known issue and is being worked on right now. It is a problem with the Webhost's server, and as the problem is on their end, they are already hard at work fixing it. Please bear with us, as we have been assured it will not take long to rectify, so we can all go back to talking about our favorite Japanese Vampire Meta Series!

Waiting it out right along with you,
Demon Rin & UV.

1st November 2010 // A Multitude of OVA News.

OVA News Update: We are now back from our prior downtime, now with some more Hellsing OVA news that has begun to trickle out!

First off, the Hellsing OVA I-V Blu-ray boxed set has been well and fully released, that much you know. But now we have gotten our hands on it ourselves! The first 4 episodes featuring their high-definition remastered and reworked video is in the hands of CTA staff! Expect screenshots and comparisons to hit in the very near future.

But also, there is even more! The Official Japanese Hellsing site has updated once again to reveal some new tidbits! We finally have OVA VIII news!
The site has been updated with their usual blog about what has been going on, complete with the usual randomness, but they also included this wonderful shot:

"Count! Did God Ever Descend upon Us?!"
Vlad III Dracula Rough Pencil from Hellsing VIII
Please Note: The colors are that way for production reasons and do not reflect how the final product will be colored.

It's a Shot of Alucard from OVA VIII! The art looks spectacular, and is surely just as detailed as it was in the original manga! After such a long spell of no news on production of OVA VIII, it is nice to finally have these things trickle out. We also have information saying that the Storyboards for OVA VIII are done by now, work is slowly trucking along!

With us now officially into the month of December, it now pretty much definite that OVA VIII will not be released in the originally announced release date of 2010, is is now safe to assume a mid-late 2011 release date for the episode, but nothing concrete is known yet.

Check back here at Call To Arms for more news as it develops.

Diligently Yours,
Demon Rin & UV.

13th November 2010 // New Hellsing TV Soundtrack Song!

TV Series News: A rather nice find has been made by our forum member Schrödinger. It appears that Yasushii Ishii, composer of the Hellsing TV Series Soundtrack, has been releasing some of his music onto his own website, available for download in MP3 format! While most of the music is new arrangements he has made for other albums, it appears that at least four of these tracks are from his work on the Hellsing TV Series! The tracks are as follows:

  • 01. Heaven's Golden Ball of Fire [3:30] - A Track featured in the series itself. This track is known to at least feature in Order 10 - Master of Monster. It has never before been released clean, outside of the show itself.
  • 02. Shambala is so far away... [3:46] - A track also featured in the series. This is a short melodic song with Ishii singing. The track has never been featured in a soundtrack release in-full before, but is sampled shortly in the middle of RUINS Track Eight.
  • 03. When You Start the War, Fight with Arrows, Spears & Swords! [2:48] - This is Track 19 from RAID, however it features a completely different arrangement and seemingly no effects on Ishii's voice.
  • 04. True Cosmic Vibration [3:46] - This is The World Without Logos, The Opening theme to the Hellsing TV Series, but with an altered arrangement and completely different lyrics.

This is no doubt, an exciting find! The Hellsing TV Series' OST is often highly regarded by the fanbase, so new tracks from it are definitely a treat for all!
Keep your eyes glued to this site for any and all of your Hellsing news needs!

Musically Yours,
Demon Rin & UV.

31st October 2010 // CTA Celebrates Its 1 Year Live Anniversary!

Joy and festivity all around as the Call To Arms Team thanks the fans for their incredible support as we celebrate our 1 Year Online Anniversary!
It was on this very day at midnight on 2009 that Hellsing Call To Arms was launched. Since then it has become the internet’s foremost greatest website and community for Kouta Hirano’s masterpiece Hellsing series. Through the year the site has seen a great many changes and additions with new content and fresh information keeping the fans up to date on every possible Hellsing-based eventuality.

Our forums boast over 150+ Members whose constant contributions and conversations allot themselves to a vibrant and friendly community. We thank everyone, whether new or veteran and hope that you will continue to visit us now and in the new year as we maintain on upgrading and expanding our encyclopedic website with as much information as possible!

To celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary we’ve:

  • Fully overhauled our website layout and design with stunning new graphics incorporating the famous Hellsing House members! The new site now features cleaner and easier navigation with our custom Pull-Down Navigation bar, allowing you to quickly and easily access the right information whenever you want it!
  • Expanded Character Biographies now include Millennium villain, Tubalcaine Alhambra and the mysterious and illusive Mina Harker. Complete with Story Information, General Statistics, Power & Ability data and much, much more! Each new Bio is flawlessly laid out with exciting images, screenshots and illustrations!
  • Enter the exciting and surreal world of Hellsing denizens with our new remarkable and in-depth Species Data Sheets. Located in the Characters menu, the Species pages are full of intriguing facts and features for Humans, Vampires, Werewolves and much more!
  • Hellsing Call To Arms forums Members are treated to an exclusively overhauled forum design and layout, featuring easier navigation and clean posting areas.

CTA Staff are constantly working toward expanding our growing site, so please check back often as we update our data frequently. And stay connected with us on our Twitter, RSS and YouTube channels. Official CTA Myspace and Facebook pages coming soon!
And finally, CTA Staff would like to thank our community Members whom dared to take part in solving our dark and gruesome 12 Day Viral Campaign, ‘The Bird of Hermes & 12 Little Deaths’.
Thanks to your puzzle solving skills the campaign was a great success in the lead up to our Halloween celebrations. A complete Free Downloadable PDF Digital Booklet featuring insightful facts, information and art will be made available in the coming weeks, so check back soon!

Congratulations Hellsing Fans & Thank You For All Your Support,
UV & Demon Rin

22nd October 2010 // OVA I-V Blu-Ray Boxed Set Released! OVA VIII-X News!

OVA News Update: Today The new Hellsing OVA Series release has hit Japanese stores! The highly anticipated Hellsing OVA Series I-V Blu-ray Boxed Set, featuring newly retouched animation and effects by Studio MADhouse.

The release was accompanied by a new trailer, showing some beautiful clips of the new OVA release as well as an announcement at the end:

"Limited Edition: Release Ends January 2011".

Meaning of course that this is a truly limited release, with an actual announced end date! To all our loyal fans who wish to pre-order the BD set, get cracking! You only have a few months to go!

But now we have even more exciting news! The Official Japanese Hellsing Site has been updated today with a complete graphical overhaul! Along with that overhaul, comes some exciting news. The official announcement of the "Third and Final Season" of the Hellsing OVA series!
This "Final Season" will consist of OVA volumes VIII-X (8-10) and will, apparently, close out the series! The update does not include anything such as a release date, but it is most certain that due to the Boxed Set's release, OVA VIII will no doubt be delayed into 2011.

One thing the site also mentions but fails to elaborate on is a new message at the top.

"Hellsing Studio - Graphinica x Kelmadick"

Both of the above names are names of companies whose resumes include only production assistance on certain projects. Graphnica's resume holds only 3D CGI Work and Photography work on some TV anime series', while Kelmadick appears to be all "Production/Animation Assistance" credits for Television roles, the most prominent of which being the Anime series "Bleach", which is keyframed by the very same man who works on Hellsing, Ryoji Nakamori.

The update doesn't mention either company though. It doesn't say at all what these companies will be doing on the project. Some news sites online are even reporting that the OVA site has announced that the two companies will be working alone on the final OVA episodes. Nothing on the site confirms or debunks this fact as being true. In the past, those messages at the top have included other lines talking about those working on the project, once praising "France", since they had received production assistance from a French company. It is unknown exactly what role they will have, but judging from their respective résumés, it would appear they are being brought in to assist in finishing up the OVA series, possibly cutting down the wait time between volumes!
The possibility does still exist though, that they are entirely replacing Studio MADhouse on production, but again, we have nothing to confirm or deny that fact.

We at Call To Arms will keep you updated on everything Hellsing, including any new developments on this interesting situation!
Check back soon for scans and images from the new Blu-ray Boxed Set!

Ogling the new pretty OVA volumes,
Demon Rin & UV

17th September 2010 // OVA I-V Blu-ray Boxed Set Cover Art Revealed!

OVA News Update: Hot off the heels of this news of a delay, via the Wild Geese have released something this week to get fans' mouths watering! The spectacular, Hirano-Illustrated cover art of the highly anticipated OVA I-V Blu-ray Boxed Set!

Japanese OVA Volume 1: Standard Edition
(Click the Image for more views of the Box)

As said before, the boxed set is now set to release on October 22nd 2010 at the MSRP of ¥26,000 (~$300 USD) But can be found for much less online at places such as and CD Japan.

And As always, we here at Call To Arms promise to bring you all the exciting news just as soon as it hits!

Drooling over the new cover art,
Demon Rin & UV

9th September 2010 // Hellsing Official's Error - BD Box Delayed Longer!

OVA News Update: As most of you know from our previous update just below here, the Official Japanese Hellsing Website has updated again to report another delay in the release date of the Hellsing OVA I-V Blu-ray Box. We mentioned how strange it seemed that the delay was only for one day, but it appears now that was a mistake. Shortly after the site was updated with that date, Online retailers such as and CD Japan began listing a different release date. It was unclear as to which was the actual date. Well, the official site has been silently updated now to coincide with what Amazon was listing, meaning it is now official. The Box set has not been delayed a mere two days, but almost an entire month. The true new release date is October 22nd 2010.

The news is sad, but with the screenshots we've seen up until now, it will most assuredly be worth the wait! So we join you in wait, dear Hellsing fans! It will soon be upon us!

Patiently Yours,
Demon Rin & UV

8th September 2010 // OVA I-V BD Boxed Set Delayed Again.

OVA News Update: Time now for a short update, for a short delay. The Official Japanese Hellsing Website has updated once again to alert fans that the newest Hellsing OVA release has again been delayed, however this time it was only by two days. Apparently, they couldn't quite make the street date, so pushed it back just a tiny bit. Nevertheless, a delay is a delay, and now Hellsing fans will be forced to wait those extra two days! So now the new release date of the Boxed set is October 2nd 2010.

The news was accompanied by the usual apologies by the staff and explanations on crunched work time and the like, however this update included an extra bit, a new picture of Maxwell!

Amazon Screenshots

So once again, we must wait longer. But fret not Hellsing fans, for we at Call To Arms will be right here to give you all the info on the new release just as soon as it hits! Check back later for more.

Reporting from the front lines of Vampire Action,
Demon Rin & UV

26th August 2010 // OVA I-V Boxed Set Details Emerge.

OVA News Update: As we come ever closer to the release date of the OVA I-V Blu-ray Boxed set, new details have emerged onto the Official Japanese Hellsing Website. Including some concrete news about the features the set will include.

  1. Deluxe 3-Way Gatefold Case With art Illustrated by Kouta Hirano
  2. 5 Blu-ray Discs + 1CD
  3. 24 Page Color Booklet
  4. New Audio Commentary - 1 Episode - Norio Wakamoto (Anderson) Vs. Jouji Nakata (Alucard)
  5. 4 Episodes - Top Secret Audio Commentary
    Forced a certain someone to screen the episodes and watch them
  6. Special Disc - Nazi CD

A few of those aren't very clear. The extra CD is going to be a "Nazi CD". It gives absolutely no details on it however. The update also mentions that one of the new Audio Commentaries being made is a direct result of OVA VIII being delayed thanks to this boxed set. To make it up to fans, one episode will include a new audio commentary called "Norio Wakamoto Vs. Jouji Nakata". Those two, of course, being the voice actors for Alexander Anderson and Alucard respectively.
There also appears to be a "Secret" commentary, with no hints given. The most obvious person would be a new commentary for all episodes featuring Kouta Hirano himself, but we shall just have to wait and see on that one.

To round it all out, Amazon Japan has updated their page on the set. In lieu of cover art, they've placed onto the site, three new screenshots.

Amazon Screenshots

They're somewhat low resolution, but they do show a tad bit more in the way of the glow effects that are being upgraded in these new remakes. All the more to raise excitement for their release next month!
As always, we'll keep you updated as soon as new information becomes available!

Dutifully reporting your Hellsing news,
Demon Rin & UV

11th August 2010 // Crispin Freeman Weighs in on FUNimation Hellsing News.

OVA Dub News Update: More than a month after the exciting Anime Expo announcement, some word, any word, has finally been made by someone involved in production of the English adaptation of the series, even if it isn't much.
Crispin Freeman, an American voice actor known for playing such iconic roles as Zelgadis in The Slayers, Rude in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and of course, our dear main character Alucard, has made a comment on his official Yahoo Groups Page about the upcoming dub;

"For everyone's information, I have heard nothing official yet. I imagine they would want the original cast back, but I have not been scheduled to record anything yet. I imagine that Funimation will want to announce things before they allow us to say anything." - Crispin Freeman, Voice Actor/Director.

While this seems like there isn't much to it, there are a few things to note about his comment;
First off, he added the qualifier "Official" in there in regards to the information he doesn't know yet. This could mean he has heard something, and that talks with FUNimation may have begun already, but if contracts haven't been signed and official press releases haven't been put out, then nothing is truly "Official" yet and thus, can't be talked about. This is pretty much true of all in the entertainment industry. Anything that hasn't been announced officially usually cannot be talked about until that time, so anything Mr. Freeman may or may not truly know, he wouldn't be allowed to divulge.
Another comment he made later confirms this;

"It's true, they will come down on me like a ton of bricks if I reveal things. Everything has gotten so secretive nowadays. But I honestly don't know anything right now. - Crispin Freeman, Voice Actor/Director."

However, there are some concrete things that can be taken from this. First off, we now know that Crispin has been made aware that the dub is being continued, either through fans or through someone in the industry. when asked how much he enjoyed playing our favorite Count in this same thread, he replied "Is it possible for an actor to enjoy his role too much?" So it's a definite that he's truly game to reprise his role if asked. And secondly, his quote also shows that he has some confidence that FUNimation would want to reunite the original cast, and Mr. Freeman would know a thing or two about FUNimation having recently worked with them on another series FUNimation inherited from another company, The Slayers. In that circumstance, they succeeded in reuniting the original cast.

Probably the most concrete word from him, however, is that we definitely cannot rely on any of the voice actors or directors involved to spill us any information before FUNimation makes an official announcement. When reached for comment, FUNimation simply offers the usual diplomatic "It's too early to say" comment.

Stay tuned for more information as it presents itself!

Your eyes and ears on the Hellsing News Front,
Demon Rin & UV

1st August 2010 // OVA I-V Blu-ray Box Delay.

OVA News Update: A small update, but an important one. Most websites offering the remastered OVA I-V Blu-ray Boxed set, including Amazon Japan, are now reporting a changed release date of "September 30th 2010". The reason for this delay isn't known, but this would mark the first time a Madhouse-helmed OVA release has been delayed at all.
This delay no doubt means that more polish is being put onto the remastered and recut episodes, which is very much a good thing. One question this raises however is how this will affect the release of OVA VIII. So far we still only have "2010" as the release date, with no other information released so far. If the Blu-ray box has been pushed back to late September, it is a point of contention as to whether or not OVA VIII will still make the original "2010" release date at this point.

We at Call To Arms will continue to keep you updated on any and all Hellsing news just as soon as we get it!

Delay-edly yours,
Demon Rin & UV

3rd July 2010 // More Details From FUNimation's Hellsing Rights.

OVA News Update: After FUNimation's announcement of Hellsing OVA V-VII getting a domestic US release comes more info about the deal, straight from FUNimation's industry panel, including some somewhat surprising information. Hellsing OVAs V-VII in English were announced to be released in 2011, meaning that as of right now, none of the volumes are planned to be released any sooner than January. "Sometime 2011" is all that is known. Still unknown is also whether they will be released as singles as they had been before, or if they will be packaged together in some kind of set.

TV Series News Update: FUNimation's announcement of their acquiring of Geneon's titles yesterday came with a mixture of plenty of new, as well as quite a few titles from the past. Included in their announcement were plans to re-release the Hellsing TV series, which has been out of print in the states since Geneon USA's downfall. If FUNimation's handling of other DVDs is any indication, the new release will most likely be two-discs in a new double-thinpack box. This too was announced to have an unknown 2011 release.

As always, check back at Call To Arms for any and all updates on both of these exciting upcoming releases!

Your excited admins,
Demon Rin & UV.

2nd July 2010 // FUNimation Announces Hellsing OVA V-VII English Version!

OVA News Update: July 1st kicked off Anime Expo 2010, the biggest anime-centric convention in North America. Every year, members of the industry gather to share news on everything anime, and this year is no exception.
During one of their industry panels, FUNimation Entertainment, the current US rights holder of Hellsing following the fall of Geneon USA, announced that several of the titles they acquired from Geneon would go back into production. Some of these announcements were confirmed for those not in attendance at the convention via FUNimation's official twitter, including this "Tweet" straight from FUNimation themselves:

FUNimation Entertainment

"Yes, we can confirm Hellsing V-VII!"
Via FUNimation's Official Twitter.

After a long dry spell and no news on when or even if the official English dub would continue, this is very good news indeed!
So far, no details other than the announcement are known. Unknown factors include how the volumes will be packaged, whether or not the limited edition run will be continued, if the release will remain DVD only or if they will begin releasing Blu-ray discs as Geneon-Universal Japan has, or possibly the most pressing issue, who from the original English dub cast will return. It is also unknown if the Blu-ray remakes of OVAs I-IV will factor into FUNimation's new rights.

Call To Arms will keep our fine readers up-to-date on anything and everything about this exciting development as soon as more information becomes available.
Also, please Join Us on Our Forums for more discussion on the matter!

Even More Excitedly Yours,
Demon Rin & UV.

29th June 2010 // OVA I-IV HD Remake Sections Up.

OVA News Update: Fresh off the heels of yesterday's major OVA Blu-ray Box Set update, it's time for yet another update.

As shown in the new trailer on the Official Japanese Hellsing OVA site, the set will include stylistic remakes of OVAs I-IV that will bring the appearance of those episodes, that were animated by Studio SateLight, more in-line with OVAs V on that were animated by Studio MADhouse.

Armed with this new information, Call to Arms now features an expanded OVA Episodes section that includes the new HD Remakes, featuring a new section for each. As information is scarce, each section for OVAs II-IV have little information in them, however as the trailer featured a plethora of footage of the remake of OVA I, that section has been put together to go greatly in-depth on the differences between the original SD footage and the new footage from the trailer.

We At Call To Arms invite our readers to browse this new section to read about just what has changed as well as to see full comparison screen shots of every single redone shot in the trailer next to the original versions of these shots from the prior DVD release.

Click Here To see the New Section.

We are also working on several other parts of the site, so check back for those as well as more updates on this exciting new Blu-ray set as well as OVA VIII news when it becomes available.
Busily Yours,
Demon Rin & UV

28th June 2010 // First OVA I-V Blu-ray Directors Cut Trailer Out!

OVA News Update: The Official Japanese Hellsing OVA site has been updated including some new information. Unfortunately, the update is not for OVA VIII, it's news on the upcoming High Definition Blu-ray disc re-release of the first 5 Hellsing OVA volumes. Including an actual trailer that finally sheds some light on what we can expect from these new HD transfers.

Click here to See the Trailer Uploaded Officially to Youtube by the Wild Geese

It appears as though the entire first 4 episodes which were originally animated by Studio SateLight are being gone over and partially redone to make them stylistically in-line with the later episodes animated by Studio MADhouse. This is exciting news indeed.

Check back here at Call To Arms for an in-depth look at the trailer and what it shows including comparison shots soon!

Excitedly Yours,
Demon Rin & UV

2nd June 2010 // Geneon Japan Set to Release Hellsing on Blu-Ray!

OVA News Update: Books Kinokuniya Japan in association with Forest Plus have recently announced some exciting news. Hellsing OVAs I - V are now being offered on pre-order in a Blu-ray box set! Translated from Japanese the article states:
'Kouta Hirano's original Vampire Action "HELLSING" OVA Series adaptation finally makes its long awaited debut on Blu-ray! When working on the Blu-ray, roughly 200 Cuts were made to the Animation and Alternate takes and over a thousand other cuts and retakes were made now that the team is more practiced. All to make the perfect High-Def experience for the fans! Includes 5 episodes. Available in Limited Quantities.'
No further information was specified regarding these new cuts and re-takes. Call To Arms will keep you posted up to the minute as more information and images are made available.

In High Definition,
UV & Demon Rin

26th May 2010 // CTA Honours Prince Dracula!

Manga Section Update: Call To Arms is delighted to honour the man behind the legendary myth with the release of the Vlad III Dracula History pages! Never before seen in a Hellsing fansite, CTA takes an in-depth look into the incredible history of Vlad Dracula, Prince of Wallachia whose life and times were the foundation for Bram Stoker's Dracula and Kouta Hirano's epic Hellsing series. This exclusive biography features in-depth historical analysis, amazing original paintings, a complete complication of Russian and German Vlad Dracula literary anecdotes and an incredible documentary filmed for the Discovery Channel!

Witness the the Man Behind The Myth Click Here: Vlad III Dracula - Prince of Wallachia

Historically Yours,
UV & Demon Rin

25th May 2010 // Call To Arms Reviews Hellsing Vol. 10

Manga Update: CTA Staff Demon Rin and Vladucard have gotten together to compile a definitive review of Dark Horse's recently published edition of Kouta Hirano's 10th and final Hellsing Volume. This exclusive review extensively covers story, translation, editing and much, much more! Complete with blow by blow illustrations and an in-depth editorial analysis! A must-read for fans of the Hellsing series far and wide!

Click Here To Read The Exclusive Hellsing Vol. 10 Review

Secondarily to this, massive online anime/manga retailer Right Stuf have released their Best Seller Manga list. Hellsing Vol. 10 selling out fast in the Number 2 position!

Review-ingly yours,
UV & Demon Rin

17th May 2010 // Dark Horse Set To Release Hellsing Vol. 10

Manga Update: This Wednesday (May 19th), renowned comic book and novel publishers, Dark Horse will officially release Kouta Hirano’s 10th and final manga volume for the epic vampire masterpiece, Hellsing. Sporting 192 black and white pages, published in the original Japanese format and fully translated into English, Dark Horse boast having well over half a million Hellsing manga novels in print!

Hellsing fans around the globe will happily celebrate the thrilling conclusion to the series that has breathed new life into the famous vampire legend. Hellsing’s first English volume was published by Dark Horse in December 2003. This series has subsequently taken 7 years to complete its entire English publication.

Fans, please feel free to visit our Manga section for a complete blow by blow summery of the entire series featuring highlight images from the novels and high resolutions scans of the covers!

Be sure to check back soon for a full written review of the volume!

OVA Update: CTA is proud to announce that the Official Japanese Rondo Robe Hellsing OVA site has stated that recording sessions for Hellsing OVA VIII are now drawing to a close, with a handful of re-takes prior to official publication.
To celebrate, Japanese Voice Acting school founded by Yuji Mitsuya (Dr. Tofu in Ranma ½, East Kaiōshin Dragonball Z), Mitsuya Project are holding an event from the 28th – 29th May 2010 entitled, “Angel of Death”. Ambiguous information suggests that the event the event will be, in some way Integra-centric, possibly including a guest appearance from Japanese voice actress Yoshiko Sakakibara. (Who plays Integra of course)
More information as it comes! Check back soon!

Patiently yours,
Demon Rin & UV.

10th April 2010 // CTA Introduces Raison d'être

Call To Arms is proud to present our forth official site layout featuring the brilliantly remastered illustration of Integra Hellsing produced by Kouta Hirano and repainted by our resident Administrator, Demon Rin.

Our newly fitted layout entitled ‘Raison d'être’ words borrowed from the French whose meaning is simply ‘reason for being’ – A term we find instrumental in correspondence with Integra’s bold and dedicated character.

Over the coming weeks we look forward to expanding our site’s feature article content with further developments in our Manga, TV Series and Character sections.

Please feel free to visit our Official Forums where we are constantly holding lively discussions about Hellsing and everything else!

Twitter much? We do too! Click our Twitter link above to follow our news feed directly.
Into RSS? We have a constant streaming RSS channel dedicated to keeping fans completely updated every time we make changes to our site!
Into Videos? Why not check out our official YouTube channel where we host exclusive Hellsing video clips!
It's all bloody-good fun, and we invite you to come have it with us!

Demon Rin & UV.
...Both with more Cowbell.

2nd April 2010 // Back to your Regular Scheduled Website.

Ok, April Fools is over, back to normal, and all is well!... So, what did everyone think of our little Twilight Gag? Think it's funny? Hate it? Come on over to our forums, or send us an e-mail and let us know! Within a day or so, we're going to move the Twilight layout and pages over to their own "April Fools 2010" section, so if you want to go back and relive the hilarity, you will be able to!

Also, in case you didn't see below, the "Dawn Movie" YKO ad was fake, a similar thing happened last year with a "Dawn Chapter 7" cover page being released by someone. So pay it no mind.

As for site updates, I want to let everyone know that we're working on an actual new site layout, we've been planning it for a while and the original plan was for it to launch right after April Fools (IE, we would have come back from the Twilight joke with the new layout) but MAJOR problems in our lives and the lives of our families have caused that to be delayed, but we're still going to finish the layout and you still are going to see it soon.

Busily yours,
Demon Rin & UV.

1st April 2010 // April Fools!

What? You thought you were getting the normal layout back? It's April Fools! You're gonna have to stick with this for a day! Don't worry, the site will be back to its Hellsing-self come April 2nd, so just sit back and have a good laugh with us yes?

In an actual update, we're still working on minor pages behind the scenes, so look for more of that soon!

Jokingly yours,
Demon Rin & UV.

29th March 2010 // Hellsing "THE DAWN" Movie Announced! UPDATED - It's Fake Folks!

Well just wow...
We bring some really REALLY exciting news folks!

From 2ch, a Japanese message board, comes a scan from the newest Young King OURs in Japan. Hirano's new manga "Drifters" has taken a month off, and in its place we got a page of OVA news! In addition to some info on the extras coming with OVA VIII, comes the most amazing announcement!

YKO "The Dawn" Film Announcement
Click The Image to see the full-size scan

he Dawn will be getting a theatrical film adaptation! I honestly can't believe this is happening, but it says the film will get a 2012 release, and will feature a story written by Kouta Hirano Himself!
It looks like the notoriously lazy Hirano would rather write a story for the movie staff than to go through the trouble of fully drawing a new manga, but who knows! Maybe he'll finish the manga story to coincide with the release of the film.

Other than making the announcement, the "2012 Roadshow" date, and the info that the story will be written by Hirano himself, there's no other information on the Ad, it even uses old "Dawn" screenshots from earlier episodes. (which these ads often do, I remember seeing shots from the first Anime Expo trailer being used early on) Whether this means the shots will be reused or not is unknown. (they've been known to reuse shots before. OVA IV reused shots from the Anime Expo Trailer and OVA VII reused shots of Pip from all of the earlier episodes)

We here at Call to Arms are VERY Excited about this, and promise to keep you fans updated just as soon as any more information comes our way!

Theatrically yours,
Demon Rin & UV.

UPDATE: The YKO page was fake. Nobody take it seriously.

25th February 2010 // Characters Section Updates! Western Manga Plagiarism

Hello all!
Sorry we haven't updated recently, after the OVA VIII trailer was released, news slowed. But, such is the case when episodes are released only bi or tri-yearly!
Nevertheless, we finally have some news to report on!

Characters Section Update: Taking this slow news time to our advantage, we've been working on some of the information on the site, and we've gotten a few sections up! First off, if you head into the characters section, you'll see more of the characters have click-able names! Those characters now include: Abraham Van Helsing, Arthur Helsing, Richard Helsing, and both Valentine Brothers. Click on their names and you'll be brought to their complete character biography pages! More are definitely in the works right now, so check back for more updates on those. Also, UV has been working on a section for the historical Vlad III Dracula, using some wonderful and extensive notes given to us by our friend and forum moderator Vladucard! Look forward to that soon as well!

Manga Plagiarism News: This is very strange for me to write about, but an odd situation has happened with Hellsing. They often say imitation is the greatest form of flattery... in that case, Hirano must be blushing right about now.

Nick Simmons, son of KISS front-man Gene Simmons has recently worked on a manga-style western comic book named Incarnate. Shortly after it was released, manga fans began to notice something strange about it, and then it hit on some people. The manga appears to be a rather blatant plagiarism of several manga works!
Of the list of Manga the story appears to be plagiarized from, the two manga it takes most of its art, story and imagery from are the hit manga Bleach by Kubo Tite, and our very own Hellsing by Kouta Hirano.

Several panels appear to be lifted directly from Bleach, while several characters and situations appear to be drawn from Hellsing as well. This is the summary of the general plot taken from wikipedia: The comic book series is about a fictional species of creatures, Revenants. The Revenants are almost immortal as they can regenerate their bodies. The storyline focuses on a Revenant named Mot, who has lived for hundreds of years because of the Revenant’s regenerative capacity. Mot desires to die honorably on the battlefield for the Revenants, but can’t because they are almost immortal. However, when the “SANCTUM” organization finds a way to kill Revenants, Mot sees the avenue to his death.
Now, replace "Reverants" with "Vampires", replace "Mot" with "Alucard", and replace "the "SANCTUM" organization" with "Alexander Anderson". Suddenly things look VERY similar don't they? Now take a look at "Mot".

Is this an Alucard Ripoff?

The similarities don't end there.

Plagarism or Coincidence?

It actually gets worse, the similarities to Bleach are far more uncanny. Click here to see a site with comparison images.
We at CTA weren't sure what to make of the story, as it was mostly not covered by any major websites, only fans drawing their own conclusions, and we weren't sure whether or not to actually make this update, until Radical Publishing, the company releasing Incarnate made this post on their official blog.
Apparently, the similarities were apparent enough to cause Radical to cease publication of the book for the time being. They say they're taking this seriously and are "making efforts now to contact the publishers of the works in question", which would no doubt mean Viz Media and Dark Horse, owners of the US rights to Bleach and Hellsing respectively. (As well as several other manga he's accused of stealing from) The situation suddenly went from fan speculation into a full-blown legal situation.

We at CTA realize the weight of these accusations and would like to stress to our readers that the situation is being handled now by Viz's lawyers at least (according to their twitter) and they will now determine if any plagiarism has indeed taken place. This offense has occurred in the US, and the US court system works on the notion that all are innocent unless proven guilty, so time will only tell as to whether this was truly plagiarism or coincidence, and it is not for us to decide.

We don't condone or appreciate plagiarism, if indeed it is proven to be the case, and will keep fans up-to-date with any and all news released on this issue.

Your Friends in the Hellsing World,
UV & Demon Rin

24th January 2010 // CTA Connecting You Everywhere!

Fellow Hellsing Fans!
Call To Arms is very pleased to present some exclusive new updates to bring you a bigger and better Hellsing Community experience. Here are some of our latest updates:
Communicating with CTA Staff Has Never Been Easier!
For all your questions and comments, you’re more than welcome to write to us directly at:

If you would like to speak with the Webmaster team directly, please feel free to write to:

OVA Section Update: CTA staff with thanks to our forum Member, Levi Foxtrot have translated and provided a hard encode of the extremely exciting Hellsing OVA VIII trailer! Please visit our OVA section, click on Episodes and select Hellsing VIII to view the trailer in high quality on YouTube! Links are also provided if you would like to download a copy for yourself!

Hellsing Call To Arms: Connecting To The World!
CTA staff are very pleased to announce that we are expanding our boarders by launching our new Hellsing dedicated YouTube Channel and Twitter page!
Fans of Hellsing should check us out on: Hellsing Call To Arms on YouTube
Tweeters, Follow Us on: HellsingCTA on Twitter

Excitedly Yours,
UV & Demon Rin

16th January 2010// CTA Releases Hellsing OVA VII Fansubs.

Hellsing Call To Arms delights in starting the New Year with a bang!
We are extremely proud to present the official CTA English Fansubs for Hellsing OVA VII and trust that the experience will be enjoyable and superior unto any other!
We would like to thank our audience for their patience during the holiday season. We hope your holidays were as enjoyable as ours! Consider this release your Happy New Year present delivered lovingly from us to you!

There are a myriad of exciting developments for Hellsing fans this year. We’ll be right here to bring them to you, first time, every time. Of course, now in the wait between OVAs, we can focus on plenty of more content on the rest of the website, so look forward to that as well!

To download your free copy of the English Call To Arms Hellsing OVA VII Fansub, simply click our Multimedia section and select Fansub Releases. Download your preferred file, either WinZip or RAR and follow the easy viewer’s instructions included with each file.

OVA Section Update: Also, a few lighter updates to the OVA section. The OVA V-VII DVD covers have been updated with bigger, clearer scans thanks to our good fine friend Levi Foxtrot over at our Forums! Even better, Suilen's "The Dawn" has been released, so we now have updated links there as well as full scans of the front and back of the Hellsing-themed limited Edition cover art, once again provided by a forum member, this time our friend gman.

Happy viewing Hellsing fans!

Saluting You In The New Year,
UV & Demon Rin

30th December 2009 // First Hellsing OVA VIII Trailer!

Hellsing VIII Screenshot

Well, well well! We have a really nice scoop here! This Youtube video was brought to our attention by our forum member Zeigeist. With this higher-quality version being found by The Kinda Mad.
UPDATE Jan 24th 2010: We've replaced the below video with our own version from our own YT Channel so there's no chance of the video dying. This version provided by Levi Foxtrot.

It's clearly unfinished material, as there is absolutely no character movement, but it's a nice early Teaser for Hellsing OVA VIII! The trailer depicts several panels from the volume 8 manga in full anime-style color, and a few choice lines from the very same volume. For anyone not afraid of spoilers, keep reading to find translations of what's being said. If you are bothered by spoilers, skip the next paragraph.

The trailer starts with shots of Millennium and Iscariot, with a narrator giving the total count of each faction's remaining forces (from the beginning of volume 8) leading up to "Royal Order of Protestant Knights: Hellsing members left Standing - 3". Followed immediately by Integra giving Alucard the order to release to level 0, with Alucard acknowledging the order. Integra finishes the line about the order to slaughter everyone before it fades to black with a 2010 release date given, and a message in Japanese. "To the Battlefield".

Despite the obvious unfinished status of the Animation in the trailer, the art is beautiful and it's a really nice teaser! Now the anticipation for OVA VIII is kicking into high-gear!

Excitedly yours,
Demon Rin & UV

28th December 2009 // CTA Presents Hellsing CTA Version II

To our adoring audience, we are proud to present Hellsing Call To Arms Version II, a complete Re-Vamp in celebration of Hellsing OVA VII having been officially released in Japan! Our brand new layout features the vivacious and determined Seras Victoria and the very French, rough and ready, Pip Bernadotte.

In keeping with our new colour scheme, fans should check out our new-look forums!

Site Update: Why not head over to the About Us section wherein we have newly included a Past Layout gallery where viewers can select all the previous graphical renditions of our website and read technical design notes on it’s construction.

OVA Fansub Update: With the launch of OVA VII having been released in Japan, Call To Arms Staff are presently working on releasing the official English Fansub to bring fans the ultimate Hellsing OVA VII experience!

With Guns Fully Loaded For The New Year,
UV & Demon Rin

23rd December 2009 // HELLSING OVA VII RELEASED! Candy Rains from The Sky and Everyone Gets a Free Puppy!

Hello all and welcome to th- Wait, I don't need to build up or hype this... IT'S OVA VII!!

It's true! The episode has been released in Japan, and those who ordered their Japanese edition DVD will have either received it already, or will receive it too. The Suilen Soundtrack "THE DAWN" featuring Shinto-Shite and Magnolia also hits today! So check that out as well. What a WONDERFUL Holiday gift!

You will also be happy to know, now that the OVA has been released, we will begin work on the Fansub RIGHT AWAY! No Delays, no screwing around, the whole team is assembled and ready, it's time to WORK! Also, please feel free to come to our Forums and discuss the OVA Love with us!

Love, as always, your enthusiastic Administrators,
UV & Demon Rin

PS. You didn't hear it from us, but a little birdy on our Forums says there might be a way for you to watch this OVA Volume right now maybe. But you didn't hear that from us.

17th December 2009 // Suilen's "THE DAWN" Cover Art Information Finalized!

We once again bid you all good tidings!
And we bring with us, a few nice updates!

OVA Section Update: Remember a little while ago when we reported on Suilen's new CD coming out? Remember how we weren't quite sure what was going to be on the cover, Suilen original stuff or that awesome new image of Alucard we'd never seen before? Well, we FINALLY have full confirmation!

The CD will be available in both Limited and Standard editions. the Limited will include the spiffy new Alucard art while the Standard includes Original Suilen-style album art.

Suilen - "THE DAWN" Limited Edition CoverSuilen - "THE DAWN" Cover featuring Alucard!
Limited ------------------------ Standard

According to the Hellsing official Japanese site, this was done so that both Hellsing fans and Suilen fans who don't like Hellsing will be satisfied with whichever version they buy. Despite this however, we have been unable to find any Japanese online stores listing the Limited edition available for purchase. We'll let you know as soon as we know more.

We are also hard at work on several bits of content on all sides of the website! Look for some major site updates coming soon!

A Very Happy Holidays and Good Tidings as Always,
Your Hellsing-Happy Hosts,
UV & Demon Rin

13th December 2009 // Crispin Freeman Live Chat!!

Hello Friends!
We're sorry this news comes at such short notice, but in approximately 4 minutes (6:00 US Mountain Standard Time) Crispin Freeman (the voice of Alucard) will be having a LIVE chat with his fans!

To join, just head over to his website and join in! You can ask live questions via either Text or voice!

Special thanks goes to Angel Reaper from our forums for bringing this to our attention!

With Even More Christmas Jolly Wishes,
Your Fellow Hellsing Hounds,
UV & Demon Rin

8th December 2009 // Bringing Christmas to CTA!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls!
The staff at Hellsing Call To Arms would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the fun and joy of the holiday season! No matter where you are in the world, your friends at CTA are celebrating the warmth of the festive season with you!

As such, we’ve decided to bring the Christmas sprit home here with our brand new layout! (Well... Ok, TECHNICALLY it's the same layout just Christmas-ized, but you get what we mean!) Snowflakes, twinkling lights, and Alucard…. In a bloody Santa Hat! He’s Santa-card now! And he’s all revved up for the big day!

Manga Section Update: Please pay a visit to our Manga section, wherein you will find introductory information on Vlad III Dracula! We’re very excited about comprising a wealth of knowledge on this remarkable man, his incredible life and times which were not only the direct inspiration for Bram Stoker to have written his 1897 classic ‘Dracula’ and likewise inspired Hirano to have created our hero Alucard in the blockbuster series, ‘Hellsing’

OVA Section Update: Swing around to the bottom of our OVA DVD section wherein we have comprised an extensive list of Hellsing OVA bootlegs we've found from around the world and given you plenty of info on how to steer clear of them so you can be sure that you’re always buying the genuine Hellsing article!

With Jolly Wishes,
Your Fellow Hellsing Hounds,
UV & Demon Rin

4th December 2009 // OVA VII Cover Art & CTA Presents Hellsing Multimedia Section

OVA Series Update: Heya everybody! We have a few new bits to show you now!
We are basically only19 days away from OVA VII's release, so now we finally have good sized versions of both the Limited and Standard edition covers! Check 'em out!

Standard ----- Limited

Hellsing OVA VII Standard Edition Blu-Ray CoverHellsing OVA VII Limited Edition Cover

The Volume is set to release later this month on the 23rd in Japan, however those who have preordered it online may receive it earlier, so we may get some early info on it, check back in the future for more of said info.

CTA Site Update: Have you checked out our new Multimedia section?! Wait, you haven’t?! What are you waiting for?! Hellsing Call To Arms is proud to host a vast multimedia selection packed with all kinds of goodies from Hellsing Fansubs to large wallpaper galleries! We’ll be updating our Multimedia section often so check back on your next visit to see what’s new!

Friends of the Hellsing Hound,
UV & Demon Rin


27th November 2009 // CTA Releases Hellsing OVA VI Fansubs

OVA VI English Fansub Update: Call To Arms is extremely proud to announce the release of the long awaited and highly anticipated official Hellsing OVA VI Fansub!
To all our fans that have waited so patiently, we are delighted to bring you what we believe is the penultimate Hellsing OVA VI English fan-based subtitle experience!
This exciting release comes complete with an easy-to-follow ‘How To View’ instruction sheet and supporting translation notes packaged in a single neat Zip or RAR file.
Please feel free to download your very own copy from our brand new Multimedia section! Just click the new Multimedia link at the top to get to it, or click our pretty new OVA banner up on top of this page to head right there!

CTA Site Update: Alongside the exciting news of having finally released the Hellsing OVA VI Fansubs; come even more enterprising developments from the CTA Team!
Some of our fans will remember we previously featured a dedicated ‘Scanlations’ section of our site. We’ve seen fit to broaden our fan-services and have replaced this section with its versatile counterpart in a newly arrived ‘Multimedia’ section! Here we will host everything, from dedicated CTA manga scanlations, through to a whole range of Fansubs and lots of other exciting and new features coming soon!

As always, check back often for new and exciting developments!
Your Fellow Hellsing Addicts,
UV & Demon Rin

UPDATE: We've been alerted to a problem with the OVA VI subs. Certain versions of the Raw didn't sync with the Subs. We've fixed this. The file available right now is the updated file. Sorry for the inconvenience.

22nd November 2009 // Sonic Pleasure for The Masses

Call To Arms is proud to announce that we have added additional content to the OVA Soundtrack section of our site! With special thanks to our forum Member, Hauptmann Biermann whom brought it to our attention – we present Suilen – THE DAWN.This no doubt incredible album will feature the famed tracks, ‘Magnolia’ and ‘Shinto-Shite’ from the Hellsing OVA series. The album’s official release date has been announced as 23rd of December 2009, just in time for Christmas! We’re proud to host a sneak preview of new, never before seen album artwork featuring Alucard! The moment we can get our hands on a high-resolution scan, we’ll be the first to present it live!

Suilen - "THE DAWN" Cover featuring Alucard!Suilen - "THE DAWN" Cover featuring Alucard!

The Cover art Thumbnail comes from Suilen's official Myspace, and as previously mentioned, is so far, only available in the size featured here. Strangely, a Second piece of "THE DAWN" art was posted on their Youtube channel. (Featured next to the Alucard One) However, this piece of Artwork was featured on the YT channel as a whole, and not next to any of the Songs (as the Alucard art was), and the Youtube Channel also features information on "THE DAWN" as an in-progress Tour, so this image could possibly be involved with the CD, but is most likely an advertisement for the Tour. Both will be included until we know more.

As Always, With Our Warmest Regards,
Your Fellow Fanatical Hellsing Worshippers,
UV and Demon Rin

15th November 2009 // Manga Volume 10 - Dark Horse English Edition Has a Release Date!

Hello Friends! Just one bit of news for you all right now, but it's a nice bit of news!

Manga Update: Dark Horse has FINALY given a concrete release date on their US English Edition of Hellsing Volume 10!! After months of responding to every inquiry sent with a simple "Spring 2010", we finally have an actual date!

April 28th, 2010!

And Here is the Dark Horse Edition cover art! (Click to see High-Res)

Hellsing Volume 10 - Dark Horse US Edition

Dark Horse's Official Synopsis:
One of the best things about Kohta Hirano's sexy apocalypse of warring vampires, Nazis, Catholics, werewolves, and Australian* mercenaries is that all the way up to, and possibly through, this final volume, we don't know who's going to win. The streets of London are awash in blood, a zeppelin descends a la Hindenburg, and six of our favorite characters are locked in face-off fights. It's possible that no one will come away from this crescendo "alive." Of course, we're not sure who's alive or undead at this point. But what's most certain is that London needs babies, because there isn't a civilian soul left alive in this battle to the undeath. Alas, Hellsing, we knew you well.

The Volume is already available for Preorder at Dark Horse's official website, so head over there if you want to pick it up!

*Strangely, the Dark Horse Website mentions "Australian" mercenaries here, which is rather odd as... there are no known Aussie in Hellsing. It's most likely that whoever typed this saw Pip's Australian Slouch Hat and simply assumed that's what he was, despite Dark Horse giving him a clear French accent in the books themselves... it's a funny oddity we plan on writing them about it and hope to get it fixed before print date.

OVA VI English Fansub Update: We've broken the halfway point in the Episode! More than 20 minutes worth of Episode has been subbed, meaning it's coming along swimmingly and will be done relatively soon! Again, no concrete date yet, but we're getting incredibly close. Look for it soon!

With Our Warmest Regards,
Your Fellow Hellsing Enthusiasts,
UV and Demon Rin

6th November 2009 // CTA – Bringing You Treats After Halloween!

Manga Section Update: With thanks to our valued Hellsing CTA forum Member, Thess, we have added Spanish and Argentinean version covers of Hellsing to our International Hellsing Manga sub-section. These covers can be clicked on for a good look at a larger version.

Characters Section Update: Easter may well be over for this year, but we at CTA are giving our viewers a chance to continue the Easter Egg Hunting fun! We have a sense of humor and appreciate good jokes, and likewise we’re sure you do as well. Why not visit our Characters section and read it through a little more closely. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find and hopefully get a good laugh out of it. We certainly did! ~_^ Once you’ve caught on to our little Characters section joke – shhh, keep it to yourself, let’s see how many other fans catch on. Happy Hunting & Enjoy!

OVA VI English Fansub Update: We at Call To Arms are proud to announce that we are well on our way to releasing Hellsing OVA VI with English subtitles! An accurate time of release for the OVA is not yet entirely feasible. However, we expect our processing will have the project completed and available very, very soon! Check back often for more status updates. And if you’re a member of our forums, up-to-the-minute updates are constantly published in our News and Updates forum threads.

With Our Warmest Regards,
Your Fellow Hellsing Enthusiasts,
Demon Rin & UV

Call to Arms Grand Opening

31st October 2009 // Hellsing - Call To Arms Is Live On Halloween

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,
Welcome, sincerely, welcome!
Having passed the baton from the official BloodKnight site and it's industrious forums, we wish to start a new chapter in the book of the Hellsing fandom.
On this one glorious evening, at the stroke of midnight on this day, the 31st of October 2009, Halloween - we have brought to you, what we promise to be the most definitive Hellsing fan site experience on the internet!
You will find within our site an invaluable wealth of information describing in detail the brilliance of Hellsing in either it's manga or anime form. Each section will intimately explore every chapter, every episode and every detail in past, present and for the future of the Hellsing series no matter what form it presents its self in. We sincerely ask that you enjoy your stay, that you browse our sections and galleries freely. And that you visit us often, for we delight in updating and providing even more information than what we have presently to offer. You will always find something new within our halls. If this is your first visit and you are new to the Hellsing fandom, then we hold our hands out to you, and invite you to join us on an experience unlike any other. If you are a veteran to the Hellsing story, then we welcome you as well, and hope that the information we provide herein may further illuminate your understanding of this truly remarkable series.
All in all, we wish to welcome you whole-heartedly. We at Call To Arms wish for one thing; To gather and maintain the Hellsing fandom as a constantly growing and expanding port of call for anyone out there whom has either recently discovered the series in its manga or anime forms, or perhaps has been following it's footsteps for years already.
We are for the fans, by the fans.... That.... and the fact that Integra told us to. And who are we to argue the credentials of the Hellsing Organization’s leader?!
We honestly hope you enjoy your stay and check back often, because we will always have something new and exciting on offer.

With Our Warmest Regards,
Your Fellow Hellsing Enthusiasts,
UV and Demon Rin