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Alias: UV
Position: Call To Arms Web Master // Forum Administrator
Biography: Professional Electronic Technologist, Multi-Media Artist and Graphic Designer as well as all-round nice-guy until you drink all the rum. – UV is a globe-trotting, multi-lingual internationalist with a passion for vast inspiration and clever originality. Naturally a Hellsing enthusiast passionate in assorted ranges of Japanese pop-culture including rock music, anime and manga. UV’s alias is short for Ultra Violet, the spectrum whose electromagnetic waves consist of a frequency higher than that of which humans would perceive as the colour violet. UV is also very much of the opinion that Hellsing is to this very date one of the greatest anime/manga series in production.
Appreciates: Buddhism, The Arts, Science & Technology, Conversationalists, a laugh!
Dislikes: Animal Cruelty, Insubstantial Politics, Social Networking Websites and bad cups of Tea... and Stephanie Meyer, including anything she has ever written. (Yes, that's the Twilight Saga)
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Demon Rin
Position: Call To Arms Web Mistress // Forum Administrator
Biography: It was a stormy night in 1989, a woman sat pregnant in a hospital and- ... Wait, I'm probably starting much too early...
I'm an artist by trade, but unfortunately I'm not making a living on it yet. (*sadface*) I've been a Hellsing fan for several years now, and am a rather large Pip Fangirl!!
Other than that, I'm a girl, I'm about 5' 7" and I try to kick large portions of Ass as often as I can!
Appreciates: Music (especially the Beatles), Movies, Anime and Manga, Television, and Animation of all kinds! I also Enjoy normal books, I'm sort of a Jack of all Trades in my interests... or a Jaqueline of all Trades.
Dislikes: Arucard... Montana Max... Ceres... Hans Gunsche... Walter Dornez... most of those dumb names and Name spellings the Characters of Hellsing have gotten over time. And Twilight... Very, Very much Twilight...l
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Alias: Zera
Position: Call To Arms Scanlation Staff // Forum Moderator
Biography: Very tall, liking a lot of things, and a rather happy fellow, despite a lot of internet dickory.
Appreciates: Music, art, good stories, sushi, beef jerky, hot sauces, porn.
Dislikes: Illinformed jackasses who spout garbage thinking they're correct when really they aren't, loads of stuff at once, Twilight (yes, its a piece of shit series and most of you should be ashamed for liking it), writers block, colouring books without coloured pencils at hand.
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Alias: Vladucard
Position: Forum Moderator
Biography: Puerto Rican chick who loves Hellsing and is a HUGE Alucard fangirl. I've been into Hellsing since early 2003 and plan on staying a fan! Also, I'm a college student who is currently working towards getting her Bachelor's in History. I'm also a hardcore gamer, been gaming since I could crawl. Other than that, just another typical chick who loves to roam the internet on her free time.
Appreciates: Music, History, Video Games, movies, cartoons (you are NEVER too old for them!), anime & manga, pretty much anything that will get my attention and amuses me. I also appreciate my cat, he's been with me for many years (since 2002).
Dislikes: Shiny vampires. Yes. I will say that. Also, people who over dramatize everything, my car being out of gas, gas prices being too dang high, and, in the end, the rent being too dang high!...oh, and spiders.
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Alias: The Kinda Mad
Position: Forum Moderator
Biography: First and foremost, I'm a proud Geek. I play video games and watch a ton of movies. I also enjoy anime (Hellsing being my favorite, duh) and I read quite a bit of comics and manga. Also, I'm an inspired filmmaker who wants to, you know, make movies and stuff.
Appreciates: Movies (film buff here), music (I love all the bizarre industrial/avant garde stuff), Italian Food, working out, having intellectual debates/conversations, New York city, and various other things!
Dislikes: Idiots, demeaning wannabe intellects, bigotry, Twilight (sorta a given on here), microwaved french fries (it just isn't right), and those who don't have a sense of humor. Seriously... go buy yourself one.
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Alias: Ghost941R
Position: Subtitle Timer
Biography: Lanky sack of $#!%, trying his damnedest to break into the world of freelance artistry, and finally making some headway after two years of falling flat on his face. Long-time Hellsing fan and nascent subtitle timer, with a ridiculous sense of humor.
Appreciates: Good comics, movies, food, driving, drawing, food, shades of grey, painting... oh, and food.
Dislikes: Current political discourse, stiff joints, Jaegermeister straight.
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