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We here at Call To Arms like to change our site graphics and layout from time to time, here you can take a look at all the old layouts.

Click the layout image to see it and read some of the Making-Of info on it!

Take note however, the links in all of the the old layouts do work, but they take you back to the normal site.

Pre-Launch Teaser Site

Pre-Launch Teaser Site

This was the Teaser site that was put up while we were still working on the full website.

"Blue Blooded Count" Layout

Call To Arms Layout Version 1
"Blue Blooded Count"

This was the very first layout we implimented at CtA.

"Santacard is Coming to Town" Layout

Call To Arms Layout Version 2
"Santacard is Coming To Town"

A simple reworking of the previous layout to get into the festive Christmas Season.

"Shot For Fame" Layout

Call To Arms Layout Version 3
"Shot For Fame"

A Seras and Pip Layout to commemorate the release of Hellsing OVA VII and the New Year!

"Shot For Fame" Layout

Call To Arms April Fools 2010
"Adoration - A Twilight Fansite"

A special layout that was only up for one day!
We put this together as our April Fools joke for 2010.

The idea of the joke was to basically turn a Hellsing site into a Twilight site, two "Vampire" stories with DRASTICALLY different styles, and see the hilarity ensue! Click above to see the gag site in all its original splendor!

"Shot For Fame" Layout

Call To Arms Version 4
"Raison d'ĂȘtre"

Bloody and Integra-Themed!
This layout was our final layour using the iFrames website format, before moving over to Div layers for our 1st anniversary!

The Bird of Hermes & 12 Little Deaths

Call To Arms Version 5
"The Bird of Hermes & 12 Little Deaths"

The Hellsing Band is Back Together for the First anniversary!

The team worked painstakingly long to completely retool and re-code the entire site with with a nice, new div-layer style layout that is much cleaner and easier to navigate!

The Bird of Hermes & 12 Little Deaths

Call To Arms Version 6
"Order Of The Dragon"

The Current Layout.
In commenoration of the long awaited release of Hellsing OVA VIII, the staff of Call To Arms are pleased to present this new layout, featuring everyone's favorite count, Vlad III Dracula!