The Priest of Cheddar Villiage

The Cheddar Priest
Voice: Osamu Chika (Jpn) // J.B. Blanc (Eng)

Supposedly a quiet and devoted man of the cloth, until unforseen circumstances had this simple priest twisted into a heretical mockery of human life. The Chedder priest appears as the cornerstone to Seras Victoria whom at the time was working with the London Police Department and called out with her special unit to investigate the upheaval the priest and his ghouls were causing. This power-hungry vampire had Seras ambushed by his ghouls and assaulted her thereafter until Hellsing’s finest agent was deployed to clean up the scene.

Richard Hellsing

Richard Hellsing
Voice: Yousuke Akimoto (Jpn) // Steven Brand (Eng)

Brother of Arthur Hellsing. He stood by on close hands with the Hellsing family in hopes that one day he would become head of Hellsing House. Unfortunately for him, at his brother’s deathbed, the Organization was passed onto Arthur’s daughter Integra. Enraged, and seeing the opportunity available considering Hellsing’s faithful butler, Walter was away for the time, Richard took up arms and a series of men to search Hellsing House for the young Integra in hopes to have her killed. Her death would have been fabricated as some dreadful accident and then Richard would finally attain the role of Hellsing director that he so craved these past thirty years. Richard and his men were thwarted when Integra sought to take heed her father’s words and progress to the dungeons wherein Alucard’s quiet body lay inert. Integra was finally the one to have Richard shot dead.

Huger and Jessica

Huger and Jessica
Voice (Huger, OVA): Nobuyuki Hiyama (Jpn) // Taliesin Jaffe (Eng) (Leif, TV): Wataru Takagi (Jpn) // T. Axlerod (Eng)
Voice (Jessica OVA): Chiaki Takahashi (Jpn) // Samantha Kerr Dickson (Eng) (TV): Akeno Watanabe (Jpn) // Ananda Banc (Eng)

A pair of Bonnie & Clyde style vampires who terrorized the English countryside, killing whole families every time they stopped.
Huger was killed by Alucard, who filled him with bullets before driving his arm through the little bastard. Meanwhile, Jessica was killed by Seras after Alucard explained to her just how to aim her weapon at night

In the Manga, Huger's name is never given, so the TV Anime named him "Lief" while the OVA went with "Huger".

The Round Table Conference

The Convention of Twelve

The twelve Knights of the Round Table, they are the people who are highest in power in England in the Hellsing universe.
The Convention as a whole met early in the story to discuss the artificual vampires just as Hellsing was being attacked by the Valentine brothers. Some of the individual Knights have major roles in the rest of the series as a whole.

Shelby M. Penwood

Sir Shelby M. Penwood
Voice: Masashi Hirose (Jpn) // Stuart MacLean (Eng)

A knight of the convention of twelve, Sir Penwood is introduced to us as a man of shaky conviction and little fortitude. However, his title and personal power seem to amount to something for when the war on London surfaced by Millennium’s attacks came to pass, Penwood was first on the scene to organize the British Royal Navy and allied forces to come to bare against the threat. Penwood gave up his life when their base was discovered by the enemy, asking all staff to leave him, he alone would keep communications open at the cost of his life. His team of staff declined to leave the man behind and together they sent out their final transmissions, having bought Hellsing at least a small window of time.

Sir Hugh Islands

Sir Hugh Islands
Voice: Katsunosuke Hori (Jpn) // Doug Stone (Eng)

Also a knight of the convention of twelve. When Hellsing House was attacked by the Valentine Brothers, Sir Islands in the aftermath corrected Integra’s decision to put her turned Hellsing soldiers to death, reminding her of her responsibility as their commander. When the actual war came to pass in London, Sir Islands was one of the first knights to start forming a realistic contingency plan in the event that extreme measures would have had to be taken. Sir Islands was bestowed the honor of commanding over a castmate, a large store of artillery to combat the coming threat to country and crown.

Sir Rob Walsh

Sir Rob Walsh
Voice: Ryûzaburô Ôtomo (Jpn) // N/A (Dub not yet produced)

Yet another member of the convention of twelve. He teamed with Islands to organize and arrange London’s contingency plan as well as discuss the possibility of a traitor amongst England’s forces.

The Pope

His Holiness The Pope
Voice: Atsushi Ono  (Jpn) // Roberto Bonanni (Eng)

The Pope makes an appearence in Hellsing early on to speak to Maxwell about the situation with Millennium. Later, The Pope is again mentioend to have been the one to promote Maxwell to Archbishop.

His name and likeness is purposefully kept from the reader to keep the manga from ever being out of date.

Rio Bellhop

The Rio Hotel Desk Clerk
Voice: Unlisted (Jpn) // Liam O'Brien (Eng)

An effeminate boy who checks Alucard and Pip into the Hotel in Rio De Janero. Intially, the boy refuses to allow them to bring Alucard and Seras' coffins into the building due to their size, however Alucard convinces the clerk to let them pass with some form of Telepathic suggestion that Pip refers to as a 'Sex-Beam".

"You Dog's Couldn't kill me!  Only A Man can truly hope to destroy a Monster!!"

The Rio Police Force

Called "Dogs" by Alucard, they were a SWAT team who attacked Alucard in Rio when false information was leaked to the Media implicating Alucard and Seras in Terrorist acts. It was revealed that the higher-ups in the police helped to fabricate the story and the attack because they were promised immortality by Alhambra.

Alucard slaughtered them, fulfilling their purpose of forcing him to waste much of his ammo. Meanwhile, Pip took care of the higher-ups, blowing up their tent with C4.

The Traitorous Bishop

Traitorous Bishop
Voice: Tomohisa Asou (Jpn) // Michael McConnohie (Eng)

When news of Millennium breaks out the Vatican sets forth punishing those individuals who helped Millennium achieve their ends during the second World War. This unnamed Bishop is seen being tried and sentenced to death by Maxwell and his inquisition. His execution was carried out by Heinkel.

Her Majesty the Queen

Her Majesty, The Queen of England
Voice: Toshiko Fujita (Jpn) // Pamela Salem (Eng)

The Queen appears in Hellsing to discuss the Millennium threat after Alucard returned from Rio with a formal report. She asked to see Alucard when he arrived, to which Alucard spoke with her as if they were old friends. He remarked that she is even more beautiful now than when last they met, just before he gave her his full report on the new threat. After the Major delivered his dramatic war declaration to the room, She gave Hellsing and Alucard one order: Defeat them.

Like the Pope before her, The Queen's identity is kept obscured in Hellsing to prevent the story from ever being out of date.


The Spirit of the Harkonnen
Voice: Unshou Ishizuka (Jpn) // Peter Beckman (Eng)

A peculiar character who appears as the actual spirit or anthromorphic personification of Seras’ famous Harkonnen cannon. He appears to Seras in a convoluted and confused dream and answers her questions with a indirect and humorous nature. He serves to dig through his nose and be generally uncomely the entire time. The Spirit of the Harknonnen did not appear in the original TV series, but did serve as the host for the next episode previews often alongside an annoyed Seras Victoria.

The Spirit bears the name and likeness of the character 'Vladmir Harkonnen" from the "Dune" franchise.

I'm the Spirit of your gun, the Spirit of the Jackal-Willis!

The Spirit of the Jackal - Willis
Voice: Genda Tessho (Jpn) // N/A (Eng Dub not yet produced)

The Spirit of Alucard's Second Gun the Jackal-Willis. This spirit appears to Alucard in a Dream, seemingly to help him as the Harkonnen had for Seras-Willis. However, He was killed by another spirit, possibly that of the Casull, who warned Alucard that the Jackal's Spirit was an impostor-Willis. This is a possible allusion to the Jackal later being revealed to have been made by Millennium-Willis.

Like the Harkonnen, the Jackal is named after a movie character, This one being Bruce Willis' character from the film "The Jackal"-Willis. Because of this, The Spirit looks like Bruce Willis dressed like his character John McClaine from the film Die Hard-Willis.
He also ends all of his sentences with "Willis"-Willis.


The Crew of the HMS Eagle

Traitors to the Crown, these English Naval officers sell their country to Millennium and give them the tactical advantage of a Major Naval aircrafft carrier in exchange for becoming immortal Vampires. However, rather than integrate these traitors into Millennium's Ranks, Rip Van Winkle makes short work of mocking and disposing of them, showing that they were only ever being used by the Nazis.


Grand-Pere Bernadotte
Voice: Katsuhisa Houki (Jpn) // N/A (Dub not yet produced)

A mercenary of the highest caliber, this member of the elder generation of the Bernadotte family makes an appearence during the second battle of Hellsing House in the form of a flashback.
In Pip's youth, he had been made fun of by the other school children in his class for being the child of mercenaries. His Grandfather was the one to knock some sense in the boy, telling him of the long line of mercenaries he comes from known as the "Soldiers of Fortune" who will fight tooth-and-nail for nothing more than a few measly cents.


Seras' Mother
Voice: Saori Katou (Jpn) // N/A (Dub not yet produced)

Seras' loving mother, she appears in the story in a flashback induced on Seras by Zorin Blitz.
As a young girl, Seras loved her parents deeply, idolizing her father, who was a Police Officer. After some unknown police bust goes horribly wrong, a pair of hoodlums attack the Victoria family in retribution. In an effort to save her daughter, Seras' Mother instructs her little girl to hide in a closet and keep herself hidden no matter what. She then leaves to draw the burglars' attention to herself rather than her daughter, but loses her life in the process.

Sir Greg Penwood

Sir Gregory Penwood
Voice: N/A (Character Not Yet Animated)

Grandson of the original Shelby Penwood, he serves as Integra’s fencing partner and a good conversationalist whom reminisces with her regarding the heroic feats his grandfather had pulled off during the Millennium war. He appears grateful for Integra’s company and finds he has also taken over the role of his father and grandfather in providing anything the Hellsing family might need. From expensive aircrafts right though to various weighty favors.


Voice: N/A (Character Never Speaks)

A mysterious and enigmatic creature. She is referred to in The Dawn as being a necessary first step in the creation of a new generation of fearsome vampire. She is housed in the laboratories of the Doktor within his Millennium research facilities. She appears in the latter and final chapters of the Hellsing manga series and proves to be of paramount importance to the procession of the plot.

Please feel free to browse her extended biography, but be warned Hellsing fans, her story is laden in heavy spoilers.



The servants of vampires. These unfortunate creatures are created once having been deflowered and subject to the attack of a fully fledged independent vampire. They are much like mindless zombies, acting on primordial needs to feed. However basic motory functions are present, they have the capacity to be militarized but are far from invincible. Many of these creatures are taken out brutally by various members of the primary cast. It is understood that once the host vampire responsible for their creation is destroyed, all his ghoul servants die with him. However, this character trait does not effect the artificial vampires being created by Millennium.

Alucard's Coffin

Alucard's Coffin

This is where he is born and this is where he dies. Alucard’s coffin may appear an inanimate and inconsequential object, but not only is it the source of everything that is within his creation but it also has a mind of its own and in quiet times of rest seems to enjoy a good fag.
Additional Notes: The coffin has a bad temper, having once karate chopped Rip Van Winkle. It would likely bite at your fingers if you came too close.

Further Additional Notes: A ‘fag’ is British slang for a cigarette. No offence intended.