The Iscariot Order

For centuries it has been known that the Vatican and Catholic Church have organized in secret to deal with threats of the occult, heathens and monsters, those who have risen to wreak chaos and havoc upon those unsuspecting and innocent. The answers to these upheavals have come in the form of the Vatican’s elite Iscariot Order Section XIII. While bureaucratically the Iscariot’s are allies of the Hellsing Organization, believing in the protection of the English people, on the battlefield, the Knights of Iscariot are a fearsome and powerful force to be reckoned with, and their way of justice may not always be set by following the rules.

Archbishop Enrico Maxwell

Archbishop Enrico Maxwell
Voice: Sho Hayami (Jpn OVA)// Hideyuki Tanaka (Jpn TV)// J.B. Blanc (Eng)

Enrico Maxwell, head of the Order of Iscariot, Section XIII a secret wing of the Vatican, whose sole purpose is to exterminate demons and heathens. Enrico believes the Roman Catholic faith to be superior. Thus, despite being allied to Hellsing and England, Maxwell often breaks border jurisdiction treaties and finds himself and his Order at odds with Hellsing. These skirmishes often result in the deaths of innocent human bystanders. As such, when word of vampire movement in North Ireland is relayed to him, he is quick to dispatch his most expert agent to quell the uprising.

Paladin Alexander Anderson

Paladin Alexander Anderson
Voice: Norio Wakamoto (Jpn OVA)// Nachi Nozawa (Jpn TV)// Stephen Brand (Eng)

Just as Alucard is Hellsing’s trump card against the undead, so too is Anderson for Iscariot. Because of this, when the two agencies find themselves at odds on the battlefield, it is always Anderson who is thrust into combat against Alucard. Anderson is just as zealous as his superior, Maxwell, yet he appears to withhold finer morals and convictions, especially in the latter half of the story wherein he is given a chance to attack Integra amongst a group but refuses. Anderson is a fearsome specimen; a human being altered by the Vatican to possess biotechnological regeneration and advanced healing mechanisms making him the ultimate weapon against the undead.

Heinkel Wolfe

Heinkel Wolfe
Voice: Mitsuki Saiga (Jpn)// N/A (Eng, Dub not yet produced)

Of German decent, Heinkel appears as one of Iscariot’s top agents whom is dispatched in the latter half of the story in the fight against Millennium’s destructive forces. Wielding two silver pistols Heinkel is never seen without partner, Yumie in tow.

Sister Yumiko Takagi

Sister Yumiko "Yumie" Takagi
Voice: Yuko Kaida (Jpn)// N/A (Eng, Dub not yet produced)

A nun of Japanese origin in the employ of the Iscariot Order, Yumiko battles the forces of the undead alongside her partner Heinkel. Yumiko is a timid and soft-spoken woman until the situation becomes dire at which point her split personality, known as "Yumie" (Pronounced: Yu-Mee-Eh) awakens. When in combat, Yumie wields a traditional Japanese katana.

The Armed Priest Corps

Corpo di Padre Armato

The "Armed Priest Corps", They are the Vatican’s elite squadron of priests under the command of Paladin Alexander Anderson. These men of the cloth are dispatched during the war with Millennium when London is taken by storm. Amidst their ranks, Heinkel and Yumie are of their outfit.

The "Knights of Christ", 9th Division Crusaders

The 9th Division Crusaders

The 9th division crusaders are a complete Catholic army in the employ of the Vatican. Command over the armies of crusaders is given to Maxwell when he receives his rank as Archbishop. When the war breaks out in London, these Catholic Knights are deployed into the city and lunge into the battle headfirst.

Father Rinaldo

Father Rinaldo
Voice: Takahiro Yoshino (Jpn)// William Frederick Knight (Eng)

A priest seen with the Vatican, Rinaldo is first shown delivering to Anderson his original orders to battle Hellsing in Badrick, North Ireland. Rinaldo is later seen always in tow at the assistance of Enrico Maxwell.

Rinaldo appears in the TV Anime as well, and was used for jokes in Next Episode Previews.

Chief M'quve

Chief M'quve
Voice: N/A (Character has Yet to be animated)

The successor of the Iscariot Organization. M’quve is seen in the final chapter of the Hellsing manga interrupting Integra’s fencing round with Shelby Penwood’s grandson. He claims that Iscariot is not yet prepared to battle on an even field at this time, but when the hour grows close, Iscariot will be there to launch the tenth crusade.