The Hellsing Coat of Arms

The main characters of this story are The Hellsing Organization. Serving as part of the Royal Order of Protestant Knights under Her Majesty the Queen of England’s secret service. For over a hundred years the Hellsing Organization has protected both queen and country from the freakish forces of the undead and the horrors they would otherwise unleash lest Hellsing’s shield were there to suppress them.

Director Of Hellsing - Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Voice: Yoshiko Sakakibara (Jpn) // Victoria Harwood (Eng)
Voice (Young): Kaori Mizuhashi (Jpn) // Samantha Kerr Dickson (Eng)

Director of the Hellsing Organization, daughter of Arthur Hellsing, and thus a direct descendent of the legendary Abraham Van Helsing. Integra appears as the series’ prime heroine whose role is to protect England and it’s people from the unsuspecting horrors of the vampiric and occult threats that her forefathers have fought against centuries past. Under her direct command, the Hellsing family’s greatest biological weapon is the Vampire Alucard whom answers to her and her alone.

Nosferatu Alucard

Nosferatu Alucard
Voice: Jouji Nakata (Jpn) // Crispin Freeman (Eng)

The Vampire Alucard. Captured by the Hellsing family centuries past, he has been cultivated, perfected and seamlessly assimilated into being brought to bare as the singular most powerful agent the Hellsing Organization has at it’s disposal. Omnipresent, indecipherable, and truly horrifying, Alucard is unlike any vampire you will ever encounter.

The Vampire - Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria
Voice: Fumiko Orikasa (Jpn) // Katherine "K.T." Gray (Eng)

A spirited young woman, Seras was previously in the employ of the London Police Department’s D11 task unit before a horrendous complication with a wayward vampire in Cheddar Village cost the girl her life. In a twisted turn of events Officer Victoria crossed paths with Hellsing’s Alucard and had no choice but to let the man bring her into his Vampiric fold. Soon after Seras, now a Vampire herself was taken into Hellsing's custody and care, becoming one of their prime field agents.

Retainer to the Hellsing Family - Walter C. Dollneaz

Walter C. Dollneaz
Voice (Old): Motomu Kiyokawa (Jpn) // Ralph Lister (Eng)
Voice (Young): Romi Park (Jpn) // N/A (Eng) (Not yet Dubbed)
Voice (Adult): Daisuke Namikawa (Jpn) // N/A (Eng) (Not yet Dubbed)

Having been in the employ of the Hellsing family for well over 50 years, Walter was formally the Hellsing Organization’s most skilled retainer, or trash man, if you will. Along with Alucard, Walter has slaughtered countless midians from as far back as World War II with such a precision and fury he has attained the title of ‘The Angel of Death’. Now retired from the field of combat Walter now serves Sir Integra as an intelligence operative in the fight to keep England free of the dark horrors that besiege it.

Captain of The Wild Geese - Pip Bernadotte

Captain Pip Bernadotte
Voice: Hiroaki Hirata (Jpn) // Yuri Lowenthal (Eng)

A charming and focused Frenchman of Swedish decent, Pip is the captain of a fearless professional mercenary band known as the Wild Geese. Pip and his Geese are contracted for private service under the Hellsing Organization soon after many of the original Hellsing forces are decimated in the battle of Hellsing House against the Valentine Brothers. Sporting an extremely keen eye of combat (which is important, considering he only has one to spare), Pip’s expertise in warfare proves invaluable to Hellsing as they endeavor to take out the enemies that would stand before them. And, as luck would have it, Pip is deeply intrigued by Seras Victoria upon his enlistment with the Hellsing family.

Former Head of the Hellsing House - Sir Arthur Hellsing

Sir Arthur Hellsing
Voice: Chikao Ohtsuka (Jpn) // John E. Breen (Eng)

Descendant of the eccentric and brilliant Abraham Van Helsing, Arthur’s tireless efforts in the cultivation of the Hellsing Organization coupled with his expansive knowledge of midians, sought to protect England from occult threat for decades. Arthur was the proud father of his daughter, Integra, and at his deathbed pronounced her official head of the Hellsing Organization much to his brother’s displeasure.

The Man who brought Dracula to his Knees - Abraham Van Helsing

Doctor Abraham Van Helsing
Voice: Ohtsuka Chikao (Jpn) // Curt Lowens (Eng)

A brilliant physician and sought-after lecturer at many a prestigious British university, the remarkable Doctor Van Helsing was the absolute fore farther toward thinking outside the box of conventional medicine. Thus, it was he whom first encountered the terrible horrors of the primordial Count Dracula upon his first visitation to London in the 1800s, defeating and subduing the No Life King thereafter.

The Hellsing KG

Hellsing Organization Special Military Forces

Under the command of Sir Integra, over one hundred able-bodied men are well versed in the art of military combat with creatures mostly unbeknownst to the innocent masses. These fearless soldiers stand to protect England from the threats of the damned and lose their lives for the cause. In the manga and OVA series their role appears limited to simply guarding Hellsing House, however the television anime greatly expanded their role, having the men actively attending missions to suppress occult threats alongside Seras.

The Wild Geese

The Wild Geese

Professional field mercenaries, this haphazard band of organized men under the command of their Captain, (Pip Bernadotte) are happy to extend their extensive military services and expertise in exchange for vast amounts of money. As such, when their Captain first introduces them to the notion that their next assignment will not be simply taking out normal men on the battlefield, but rather fighting against genuine monsters, the Geese are skeptical, even Pip joked that if Seras was a vampire, he was "Frankenstein's Monster". The laughs went on until about the moment in which Seras Victoria presents for their consideration, an example of her vampiric prowess.